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Why Do We Need to Wear Sunglasses?

Have you ever experienced walking on the streets with the extremely hot weather that you can’t even open your eyes due to the glare of the sun? If yes, then you should consider to buy sunglasses to protect your eyes.

What is sunglasses

So, what is sunglasses? Stupid question right? But are you sure you really know it correctly?

Sunglasses is a kind of tinted glasses that not only makes you look cool, but also help you to block the sunlight or glare that can reduce your visual range, and is also a must have item for someone fashionable.

If you have no idea on how to choose the sunglasses but wants to go out wearing it, then this is definitely a right article for you. This is because you need to have some knowledge in order to choose the right sunglasses among the wide range of sunglasses out there, and your face shape is also one of the important factors that should be put into consideration when choosing sunglasses.



Why Wear Sunglasses

Why should I wear sunglasses? The answer is to protect your eyes and in the meantime, make you look more fashionable.

There are 6 benefits of wearing sunglasses:


  1. To protect and keep your eye healthy

    To protect and keep your eye healthy
    One of the main functions of a sunglasses is to block the excessive sunlight or glare, and also to avoid the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays to enter our eyes. Most people know that UV rays can cause damage to the skin such as sunburn, accelerate aging process and skin cancer, but they probably do not know that UV rays can also cause serious damage to our eyes. According to scientists, UV damage to the human eyes is cumulative, which means that the longer the exposure to the sun, the greater the UV damage is to our eyes. Therefore, long-term overexposure to UV rays can cause corneal flash burns, pterygium, cataracts, macular degeneration, and eyelid cancers. So, to avoid UV damage, we must develop the habit of wearing sunglasses to reduce the accumulation of UV rays which will damage our eyes.


  1. Prevent dust and sand particles

    Prevent dust and sand particles
    Wearing sunglasses does not only help block out harmful UV sunlight, at the same time, it also prevents dust and sand particles from entering the human eyes during windy weather. Do take note that rubbing your eyes when the dust and sand particles enter your eyes will only result in Corneal Abrasion or Corneal Foreign Body.


  1. Good vision

    Cityscape focused in glasses lenses
    During some sunny days, you will find that the glare of the sun prevents you from opening your eyes when you are driving or walking in the streets. Just invest in a pair of sunglasses so you no longer have to squint your eyes or open up your eyes forcefully in order to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around you.


  1. Prevent wrinkles

    Prevent wrinkles
    Frequently squinting your eyes due to the glare of the sun will cause eye wrinkles, so wearing sunglasses is particularly important to the girls to prevent you from looking older with the wrinkle on your eyes.


  1. Improve your appearance

    Improve your appearance by wearing sunglasses
    Why does almost everyone immediately look more attractive when they put on their sunglasses? This is mainly because sunglasses itself is a fashion statement, so different designs and different colors of sunglasses can be adorned according to a person’s face contour which will change their usual image to become a more attractive person.


  1. To prevent Cataracts

    The glare of the sun is one of the main causes of cataracts. Overexposure of the sun can form clouds within lens of the eyes, and in the long term will eventually form cataract. So, wear a sunglasses to protect your eyes from this type of disease.



When to Wear Sunglasses

Although sunglasses offers plenty of benefits to us, but that doesn’t mean we should be wearing them all the time. So, when is the best time to put on the sunglasses?


  1. Summer

    Summer to wear sunglasses
    We cannot avoid the sun, but the glare of the sun can damage our eyes, especially during the summer. The importance of sunglasses in summer is to reduce the burden of eye’s ciliary muscle under the strong sunlight and allow us to see the object just like in normal environment. So, get the sunglasses ready during the summer to protect your eyes to avoid them from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.


  1. Eyes operation

    Wear sunglasses after eye’s operation
    It is recommended to wear sunglasses after any type of operation on the eyes, such as Cataracts, Myopia laser surgery, Pterygium removal etc. This is mainly because wearing sunglasses can block any dust and sand particles from entering our eyes which will result in corneal infection.


  1. Driving

    Wear sunglasses during driving
    Other than having to face the sunlight and UV rays for a long time while driving, we are also facing the interference by the reflection on glare from the road surface, water area or any other thing that is surrounding us. Therefore, choose a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV damage, reduce the glare, and also to reduce visual fatigue or discomfort of the eyes while driving.
    What is polarized sunglasses? This is a type of sunglasses that is made by polarized lenses which is a special chemical film that can effectively filter the intense reflected light and also reduce glare. It is particularly suitable for people who needs to drive for a long period of time, or for those who are always involved in outdoor activities such as boater, bikers, fishermen and golfers.


  1. Raining Day

    Wear sunglasses during raining
    When it rains, rain water dropping on the windshield of the car will become a transparent medium which will scatter the light around, resulting in a glare effect which will reduce our vision dramatically. This is a reason why we tend to have blurred vision during rainy day. Therefore, wearing sunglasses in these circumstances can effectively block the light scattering and improve our vision.


  1. Winter

    Winter to wear sunglasses
    In winter, the position of the sun appears lower in the sky than in summer, so the sunlight will easily enter human eyes. So, do not think people is trying to look cool by wearing sunglasses during the winter, in fact, they are just trying to safeguard their eyes.



How to Choose Right Sunglasses

There are many types of sunglasses in the market, so how do we know what is the best brand of sunglasses that we should purchase? Besides, the size, style and color of sunglasses are also important factors that we should put into consideration when buying sunglasses. So, it is not an easy task to choose a sunglasses that is suitable for us.

Therefore, let’s see guidance below on how to buy sunglasses:


How to choose right sunglasses for your face shape

Face shape of a person is an important factor when determining which type of sunglasses to choose. So, do you know what the best sunglasses for your face are?


  1. Sunglasses for round shaped faces

    Sunglasses for round shaped faces
    People with round faces tend to have round and plump cheeks, wide cheekbones, and shorter chin. So, square glasses should be chosen to adorn the face line which can make a person look thinner.


  1. Sunglasses for oval shaped face

    Sunglasses for oval shaped face
    Just like an upside-down egg, people with oval shaped face will have a slightly wider forehead than their chin. People with this face shape is recommended to choose a sunglasses with a slightly larger frame than their face.


  1. Sunglasses for oblong shaped face

    Sunglasses for oblong shaped face
    Oblong shaped face is also known as rectangular shaped face. People with this face shape will have pretty same width of their cheeks, forehead and jawline. So, a big frame or round shaped sunglasses are recommended for this type of face shape.


  1. Sunglasses for square shaped face

    Sunglasses for square shaped face
    This facial type is characterized by a deep forehead, square face and wide jawline. Therefore, wearing sunglasses with a rounded or oval frame will make the face’s angular features look softer.


  1. Sunglasses for diamond shaped face

    Sunglasses for diamond shaped face
    The characteristic of diamond face shape is a narrow forehead and pointed chin. People with this face shape is recommended to wear cat-eye shaped or oval shaped sunglasses.


  1. Sunglasses for triangle face

    Sunglasses for triangle face
    People with this face shape will have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and small chin. It is recommended to wear sunglasses with a wider frame at the bottom and detailing frame at the upper portion, which could give the effect of minimizing the width of upper part of the face.


  1. Sunglasses for heart shaped face

    Sunglasses for heart shaped face
    A person who have heart shaped face will have wider forehead and cheekbones followed by a small chin. People with this face shape is suggested to choose a sunglasses with round frames or rimless frames.



Things to consider when buying sunglasses

Other than face shape, there are some other things that we should put into consideration when buying sunglasses:


  1. Lens color of sunglasses

    Lens color of sunglasses
    What is the best sunglass lens color? The lenses of sunglasses vary in color, such as brown, grey, yellow, green, pink, blue etc. So, what kind of color gives the best protection to our eyes?
    Expert claimed that dark colored sunglasses tend to have better filter function of glare and UV rays. However, the disadvantage of dark colored sunglasses is that it will lower down the performance of our vision which will affect the clarity of the object. Therefore, it is only suitable to wear them at places with strong sunlight such as the beach, desert or for people who engages in the process of welding. Otherwise, grey and brown lens color is already enough to protect our eyes in outdoor environment.


  1. Lens size of sunglasses

    Lens size of sunglasses
    The purpose of wearing sunglasses is to block strong sunlight or glare, so the lens size should at least cover the front of the vision area of the eyes. If the lens size is too small, perhaps you will have the good protection of your eyes when you see things in front of you, but what if you slightly elevate your head under the hot sun? At that time, the sunlight will directly go into your eyes and waste all the effort to protect your eyes. In addition, it is also not necessary to choose oversized sunglasses lens. This will only increase the burden to your nose, and the sunglasses will drop easily if you have a small face. Thus, choose a lens size that is suitable for your face shape.


  1. Lens quality of sunglasses

    Lens quality of sunglasses
    Good sunglasses lens should be flat with high resolution. The lens of sunglasses is made by glass or resin, and a good sunglasses should use polarized lenses which are made by synthetic resin with shatterproof effect and is wear-resistant.


  1. Pupillary distance

    Pupillary distance
    What is Pupillary distance? This is a measurement used by opticians when they are preparing to make the prescription eyeglasses. We will feel comfortable when wearing the right prescription eyeglasses. So, make sure there is no dizziness or headaches when wearing the sunglasses to ensure that this is the right measurements for you.



How to Buy Sunglasses for Men

If you plan to buy sunglasses as a present for your male friend or your boyfriend but have no idea on how to choose the right sunglasses for them, perhaps, you can see the picture below on which type of sunglasses to choose for different types of men’s face shapes.

How to buy sunglasses for men



How to Buy Sunglasses for Women

Face shape is really important when you choose sunglasses for your female friend or your girlfriend. Do not simply pick the sunglasses which appeals to you and expect the particular person to like it merely because of you think it is fashionable. Try to figure out what is their face shape before you make any purchase decision.

How to buy sunglasses for women



Wearing sunglasses is not only to look cool and fashionable, more importantly, it is to protect our eyes.

Therefore, we should really consider to invest in a good pair of sunglasses that is in line with our personal character and also made by polarized lenses which will provide better protection for our eyes. We should not simply be buying sunglasses just because it is cheap, as most cheap sunglasses generally have no UV protection, and to some extent, will also bring negative effects to our eyes.

If you love your eyes, then wear the right sunglasses.



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