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When is it Time to Quit Your Job?

“You idiot! Get out of my room!”

You step out from your boss’s room, you know it is not your fault, you just have an unreasonable and savage boss. They never try to listen, and when things are not going as what they have expected, they threw a tantrum and put all the blame on you.

Now, one question that is surrounding your mind is – “should I change my job?”

Should I change my job

This is a very tough question. It is not easy to give up on our job especially when we had put in a lot of efforts and time to build everything that made us in this position today.

However, the reality is always cruel, our destiny in company is not what we can decide by ourselves, but by the upper management.


18 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

No one want to change the job they currently have if they are happy employees. Sometimes bosses should never be expecting us to achieve the company goal, when they are never willing to pay the gold. We are not slaves, we deserve what we have contributed.

18 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

So, treating below as a “should I quit my job quiz”, you should consider to change your job if you hit more than 5 signs below:


You are underpaid

You are underpaid

We are working for a living, so we need a salary that is equivalent to what we have contributed.

Therefore, if you have been underpaid for a long time, and there is still no indication showing that your manager is going to help you fight for a better salary even after you have tried many times to inform your manager, you should start looking for a new job.


You get empty promises

You trust your manager and do what they asked you to, because you care about the company. You manager also promised you that you will be rewarded by the company soon for your contribution and assures you that the company will not treat you badly.

However on the other hand, you see others who are not working as hard as you getting promoted and gets huge salary increment while you are still at the same place, same position and getting the same salary as before. This is the time you should start doing something for yourself, not for your company.


Your manager likes to compare Apple vs Orange

Your manager like to compare

Albert Einstein once said: “everyone is a genius”. So, if your manager likes to compare you with other people who does not come from the same background as yours, and is also comparing your skills, your mindset or your strengths with another employee, this will only make you believe that you are stupid and useless.

Remember, we are born to be unique and destined to be not the same as others, so why should we allow ourselves to be compared to others? Other people can’t do what we can do, and at the same time, what other people can do does not necessarily mean that we can do it as well. So, if your manager only looks at the merits of others, but never try to look at the merits of yours, then don’t waste your time in the company anymore.


Your manager is a blamer

Your manager will never admit that they are wrong. When thing goes bad, they just put the blame on their employees. Even worse, they want you to bear all the responsibilities even when they know clearly that the mishap happened due to their own mistakes.


Your manager only remembers your mistakes

100 good deeds that you have contributed to the company cannot compare to one mistake that you have done. Your manager will keep on mentioning and bringing up the mistake to overwrite all your good performances before this. You feel demoralised, as though all you did was just mistakes in your career.


Your manager is overly demanding and never feels satisfied

Overly demanding manager

Even if you had contributed a lot and your awards are always appearing in the company’s notice board – and even as your other colleagues are proclaiming you as the best employee in the company, your manager still feels that you have not performed well enough.

Believe me, this is not because you are not good enough, it is just because some managers like to squeeze their employee to get the most out of them just like squeezing an orange without a drop of juice left.


You are too good to let go

Sometimes you feel that your current position is no longer challenging to you. You wish to switch to a new role in a different team or a different department within the company, so you discuss with your manager about your intention to advance further but they do not allow you to change. This is because your manager knows that you are too good to let go, and they cannot imagine how they can survive without you in their team.

If that is the case, then you should consider removing yourself from the company, as you can no longer grow and advance further in this company anymore.


Your manger never feels that you are overloaded

Your manger never feels that you are overloaded

Nothing you do seems to be enough for your manager. You are the first person who clocks in every morning, and the last person who leaves, not because you are slow at work, but because your workload is more than your colleagues’ workload combined. However your manager still expects more from you. Seems like the more you can do, the more workload you will be assigned with, it is never ending.


Your manager is a coward

Your manager is a “yes” man or “yes” woman in the company. They are always afraid of the top management so even if they know better, they never stand firm on their decision and will still compromise just to please the top management and somehow, secure their own position.


Your manager gets panic easily

Your manager easily getting panic

When escalation happens, your manager feels like the end of the world and pushes you for a remedy action immediately without checking the background of the issue. Sometimes the escalation is not due to your team’s mistake, but your manager do not care as they are just focusing on resolving the escalations. It makes you feel wronged, and also makes other parties feel as though you are really the one to be blamed and therefore, will not learn from their own mistakes.


Your manager is lazy

Sometimes, you don’t know if you are the manager, or your manager is the manager. You did most of your jobs independently, even when some of the jobs are supposed to be done by your manager.


Your manager prefers ‘Yes Man’

Your manager prefers Yes Man

Your manager practises favouritism in the office and prefers Yes Man over those who has their own ideas and thinking. They do not like being challenged, so they prefer those who sucks up to them and flatters them from time to time. This not only makes your effort goes down the drain, it will also cost you the chance of a promotion.

If your manager is such person, it is time for you to leave the team as you will no longer advance further unless you change to become the person who sucks up to your manager.


Your manager has been taking your credits

You spend your whole weekend doing a proposal which will help improve the process of a certain task in your company. However you did not get any award or recognition for it because your manger grabs all the credit and claimed that they are the one who did that proposal. If this happens all the time, then don’t waste your brilliant ideas on this team anymore.


Your manager is just thinking for the company

Your manager is just thinking for the company

Everything your manager says, is only on how to help the company, not you.

  • Your manager does not allow you to claim overtime pay even if you frequently stayed back to do the additional jobs which is not even in your role and responsibilities.
  • Your manager wants you to support from home even when you are sick.
  • Your manager expects you to do 2-3 people’s workload because they want to reduce headcounts to help the company save costs.
  • Your manager wants you to sacrifice everything just for the company, including your time with your family.


Your manager is a dictator

Some managers refuse to accept other people’s ideas, and only want the employees to follow their direction. One of the reasons is because they are worried that you will threaten their position one day.

So, you should consider to leave if you are constantly giving ideas but were always banned by them, as they blocked all the opportunities that can make you grow further. You never see a country’s dictator giving opportunities to their opponents to overthrow them.


Your manager is ruling by fear

Your manager is ruling by fear

You should also consider to change your job if your manager tends to rule by fear saying things like, “If you dare to say no, you are fired.”

This leadership style will make the employees lose interest in their job. Once this happens, their only concern is only on securing their jobs and will no longer make any effort to improve the company’s value, as it is too risky for them.


Your manager has trust issue

No matter how hard you try, your manager still does not believe in you. So, ask yourself, what is the reason that you should continue staying in the company?

Trust is an important bridge to connect the employee and the employer, so if this bridge is broken and you can’t fix it, then what you should do is to find another route.


Your manager never respects their employees

Your manager never respects their employee

Some managers shouts at their employee and humiliates them – not because the employee did a mistake, but because the manager is not in good mood that day.

A definition of a good company is not how big they are, or how good they are, it is about how the management treat their employees. So, even if the manager is the one who hires the employee, it does not give them a valid “permit” to not respect their employees.



Why You should Never be Afraid to Change Your Job

Indeed, it is not an easy thing to decide if you should quit your job. As human being is emotional, we are at times not willing to leave the people we have been working together since day one, leaving the job that we have already gotten used to, and the working place that we have been in all this while.

Therefore, if the condition is not worse enough until you should consider to change your job, then you may continue to stay in your current job, and try to find the way to overcome your issues.

Never be afraid to change your job

However, if you can’t tolerate your current job anymore, then you should never be afraid to change your job for 3 reasons below:

  • If you continue to tolerate, sooner or later, you will eventually find yourself exploding and quitting one day. If that is the case, why do you still choose to continue to stay in a place which you no longer belong to, instead of quitting now and start to build your new career from today onward?
  • If you continue to stay in a company that makes you unhappy every day, you will end with a depression. Opening up the newspaper, employees who are depressed due to their work is no longer a fresh news anymore. So, if you really feel sick and tired of your job, do not procrastinate any longer to find a new job.
  • You probably can get a better job position with a higher salary in a new company, which also allows you to have better living standard. Even if it does not really turn out to be a very good working condition as what you have imagined, at least it makes you feel better with the higher salary that you are getting.


Sometimes, things that stop us from making a change is our own fear. Human tend to think very negatively, such as “I am done if I lose my job”, “I can’t survive without my job” or “there are no other better jobs for me”. All these negative thoughts are not true and will only make us too afraid to make one more step forward, and continue to stay in our so-called comfort zone.

This doesn’t actually make us feel better. In fact, we are just like a frog in the cold water that did not jump out from the pot immediately, and ended up being cooked in the boiling water.

Stay away from you comfort zone

So, don’t be afraid of change, you should only be afraid if you never want to change. No one has only one job or one option to choose from in their entire life. Therefore do not lock yourself in a small dark room anymore. It’s time to release yourself if you really cannot tolerate your current job any longer. You can have a better tomorrow if you are willing and dare to take the very first step.

Be courageous and tell your boss “I Quit!”

Cheers. 🙂


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  1. Hello!
    I couldn’t relate with a post more! I recently quit my job after many months of been not just underpaid, but completely unpaid!!! I stayed with the hope that they would give me the money, but everyday the told me they will give “tomorrow”. At first a was really scared, however I totally agree with what you mentioned about change. It is good and it may lead to new and better places as well!

    • Hi Kate! Glad you can relate with this post well. It is always difficult to quit and leave a place that we have been so comfortable with. But at times, quitting isn’t all bad. Hope the new place is working out well for you!

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