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The Red Wine Guide

Red wine is a symbol of elegance. It is also associated with celebrations and love. It is not uncommon to pop a red wine to celebrate an event or just enjoyed the taste of it while in the company of our loved ones. It’s amazing how a bunch of grapes can become such a splendid drink.

What is the benefit of red wine

Moreover, red wine provides us supreme enjoyment and is also good for our health. Continue reading contents below if you want to know what is the benefit of red wine.



Is Red Wine Good for Health

Everything has its own benefits and same goes to red wine, prerequisite we consume appropriate amount of red wine and never overdose.

Now, let’s see what are the benefits of drinking red wine:

1. Red wine is good for heart

Red wine is good for heart

Source: Medicographia

Most French eat high-fat foods such as cheese, pork, lamb, beef, desserts etc, and often have long meals, but why do French have a very low rate of heart disease? This is because red wine serves as an important part in a French meal, which is what we know as French paradox.
Procyanidins in wine plays an important role for the prevention of heart disease. It can stabilize collagen fibers, reduce the permeability of vascular wall, and prevent atherosclerosis.


2. Red wine is good for skin

Red wine can slow down the process of aging. The beautiful secret of wine is it is rich in tannin; however, do note that red wine contains more tannins compared to white wine. Medical research also proves that tannin and other phenolic substances in red wine has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effect. Antioxidant is an important factor for the skin as our cells will be damaged by the production of oxidative free radical in the body. This is also the reason why anti-aging research done by medical and cosmetology is directly related to anti-oxidation, and cosmetics counter offers a variety of beauty products that is related to red wine, such as sleeping mask, face cream, cleanser cream etc.


3. Red wine is good for kidney

Scientific research found that moderate consumption of red wine can help to prevent the forming of kidney stones. This research is conducted through the clinical observation of 45,000 healthy people and patients; with the conclusion of people who regularly drink appropriate amount of red wine, having a low risk of getting kidney stones. Researchers also found that different types of beverages have different levels of kidney stones risks, one of the example is people who drink 250ml coffee a day will have a higher risk of getting kidney stones compared to people who don’t drink coffee; while the risk of getting kidney stones for people who regularly drink red wine is 36% lower than people who do not consume it at all.


4. Red wine is good for cold

Until today, there is still has no best medicine that can fight colds, as the cold virus is resistant to most of the drugs. However, it has been found that people who drink red wine less often is more likely to suffer from a cold. Scientists believe this is because grapes contain phenolic compounds that can form a thin film on the surface of the virus making it difficult to enter the human body cells, which is why it has the effect of prevention and treatment of colds. So, it is good to drink a warm red wine when you have a cold. In fact, many countries in Europe have been using this method to treat cold long time ago. During winter, everyone will drink heated red wine to keep themselves warm in order to prevent cold and flu.


5. Red wine can prevent cancer

In the early of 1980s, there was already a research showing that red wine has a positive preventive effect on cancer, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular accident (stroke). This is mainly because red wine contains a large amount of resveratrol and tannins that has obvious anti-cancer properties by delaying the growth of tumor and prevent various type of cancers.


Why Red Wine Benefits for Women

In daily life, red wine is very popular to most women, some even have the habit of drinking a glass of wine occasionally before going to bed.

Why Red Wine Benefits for Women

However, what are the benefits of drinking wine for women?


Nourish women’s beauty

Red wine contains a lot of nutrients, such as magnesium, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants which are essential nutrients to human. By regularly drinking red wine, the phenolic and oligoelement with antioxidant function in the red wine helps slow down aging process and make them look younger and more beautiful.


Prevent breast cancer

Scientists have tried to use wine on mice that have been induced with cancer, and found that wine has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer. According to the study, a preventive effect of breast cancer substances is found in red wine and white wine. This substance helps prevents breast cancer because of its ability to resist Estrogen, which is associated with breast cancer.


Weight control effect

How many calories in a glass of red wine? Does drinking wine make you fat? There is approximately 214 calories in a large glass (250 ml) of red wine, however, drinking red wine doesn’t make you fat, unless you eat a lot of other foods such as pizza and snacks while drinking red wine. As red wine inhibits fat absorption, it is best for girls out there who want to lose weight to drink a right amount of red wine every day while on their weight loss plan.



Why Red Wine Benefits for Men

There are a lot of men who loves drinking wine. Drinking red wine also offers many benefits to men’s health.

Why Red Wine Benefits for Men

Let’s take a look at the details of what the advantages of drinking red wine are for men.


Improves the ability of reaction

Drinking the right amount of alcohol can make men’s balance ability to reach the best condition, which will result in better ability to response, and better ability to judge. So, drinking red wine moderately can improve men’s productivity and make them more energetic.


Increased longevity

Some experts claimed that drinking an appropriate amount of red wine on daily basis will increase the longevity of a man’s life.  According to research, men who drink red wine everyday will live an average of 3 to 8 years longer than the rest who do not drink red wine at all.


Enhance personal charisma

Men who like to drink red wine are usually those who understands the fun of life. They pursue high quality of life and pay more attention on the cultivation of personal charisma. In addition, drinking a right amount of red wine improve men’s Androgen secretion, which will help increase their attractiveness to the opposite sex.


Types of Red Wines

Different types of grapes, the thickness of the grape skins, the size of the grape’s seeds and the sweetness of the flesh will profoundly affect the quality of the brewed wine.

Types of Red Wines

At present, there are more than 6,000 varieties of grapes that are used to brew red wine throughout the world. However, if you have knowledge on a few varieties of grapes with the largest market share, you should be able to master most of the best red wines in the world.

Now, let’s see four of the most common red wine grapes varieties:


Cabernet Sauvignon

Types of Red Wines 1 - Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is originated from France. Now, Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most cultivated type of wine grapes in the world. Its characteristics is its thick skin and is able to mature slowly which will result in more tannins and can be used to make a full bodied red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon tastes even better after it has been stored for a few years which is why it was called the king of red wine grapes. If you were to close your eyes and simply pick one red wine from your local supermarket or the liquor store near your house, chances are you will be picking a red wine that is made with Cabernet Sauvignon.



Types of Red Wines 2 - Merlot

Merlot is a dark blue colored wine grape variety. Merlot has the second largest market share in the red wine market.  Merlot matures much faster compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot is rich with fruit aroma and least astringent, you will hardly find people who hates it. With such characteristic, Merlot is often used by winemaker to be blended with other Bordeaux grape variety to brew a lovable red wine that have a greater capability of aging. However, don’t let this let you to have the assumption that Merlot is just playing secondary role to other wine grapes. Best wine such as Pomerol & Saint-Emilion also contains Merlot as one of the grapes variety.


Pinot Noir

Types of Red Wines 3 - Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the trickiest wine grape as it is not easy to find a suitable place to grow them. The thin skin of Pinot Noir grapes makes it sensitive to the change of temperature which often result in low yields. However, the brewed wine with Pinot Noir grapes tastes fine and elegant, especially red wine made in Burgundy (France), it is not easy to forget the fresh fruit aroma and delicate wine body.



Types of Red Wines 4 - Syrah

Syrah is a well-known wine grapes in Australia and Rhone in France. Syrah used to be the finale of the wine tasting event. Syrah is famous of its variety of aromas, such as violet, mulberry, bilberry, black currant etc.  During wine tasting, Syrah is also accompanied by many other aromas, such as black olives, spicy, and smokey peat.



How to Do a Wine Tasting

Most people know that there are many benefits of drinking red wine. However, not everyone knows how to drink red wine properly and truly experience the taste of the red wine.
Now, let’s follow the five steps below to taste wine like pro:


Step 1 : Look at it

How to Do a Wine Tasting

Learn how to differentiate whether it is a young red wine or an aged red wine by its colour. Young red wine will not necessarily be in red colour, it will be in purple colour. When the colour turns to ruby or garnet, it means that it has been stored for certain years. However, if the colour of the red wine is in tawny or brown colour, it shows that it is now in the maturity period.


Step 2 : Shake it

Shake the red wine

Slowly shake the glass with red wine to release the acetic acid, ether and aldehydes to have a chemical effect with the oxygen in the red wine which will make the red wine mellower and maximizes its aroma.


Step 3: Smell it

Smell the red wine

You can smell the aroma of the red wine from different location of the glass. For instance, from the central position of the glass, or upper edge of the glass. The words that people tend to use to describe the aromas of red wine includes chocolate, vanilla, mocha, herbs, flower, tobacco, grass, fruits etc.


Step 4: Taste it

Taste the red wine

When you drink red wine, do not immediately swallow it. Let it stay in your mouth for a moment, make the red wine swim around your entire mouth and then judge the taste by using your tongue. First, taste the red wine with tip of your tongue, then use your tongue to push the red wine to both sides of the mouth, and feel the taste of it. Then, slowly swallow the red wine in your mouth.


Step 5: Feel it

Feel the red wine

After swallowing the red wine, feel the remaining taste that is left in your mouth to maximize the satisfaction of drinking red wine.



Drinking red wine is type of pleasure, so we do not have to deliberately learn the knowledge about red wine just because we want to drink it. Drinking red wine without any knowledge will not affect a person to experience the fun of it.

However, drinking a red wine is not like drinking a beer, never overdose is one of the basic rule to follow when you drink red wine. 🙂



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  1. Damn, I have learned a lot here. I was always wondering why people “swish” their wine glass when they drink wine. It turns out that the purpose is to let the acetic acid and other components touch the oxygen in the air so you can enjoy the true mellow flavor of red wine. Even enjoying it starting at the tip of the tongue sounded tricky, but I will definitely keep that in mind. It is no wonder that people say that red wine is no good after you opened it for a while. You want to keep the aromas in there as mature as possible. Speaking of maturity, I was a bit confused at this part. You mentioned that young red wine is purple in color and then it slowly turns ruby red as it ages. However, after ruby red does it turn brown??? Most red wines I see are usually purple I am afraid I would get confused when I choose my red wine. Another thing you blew my mind with is the fact the different red wines are based on different variety of grapes. It sounds almost like the thickness of the grape skin plays a major role in the resulting wine right? Does that mean thicker skin is better since the wine has more chances to produce more tannins. Of course there are all these health benefits like heart health, productivity, and preventing cancer. Speaking of which, do cheap red wines have the same health benefits or does the more mature ones, which I assume to have more tannins does it better?

    • For the wine color, it will be best that you refer to the wine color picture provided in the article. Generally, if the wine has turned brown, it most probably meant that the wine has reached its prime and has oxidized. Meanwhile, yes, grapes with thicker skins mostly have more tannin compared to grapes with thinner skin. Also, the price does not necessarily determines the quality of a red wine. 

  2. This article is a wealth of information regarding red wines. I have recently acquired a taste for red wine and enjoy it now more than white wine. My favorite white wine is Kendall Jackson Rieslin and not many liquor stores carry it. My sister is a red wine drinker and she introduced me to several and now it is all I drink. I have read that red wine is good for you but never realized it was good for the skin or can be helpful when you have a cold. I will definitely drink more of it when I feel the affects of a cold coming on. My favorite red wine is Yellow Tail Shiraz. I have tried a few of the other reds Yellow Tail makes but this is my favorite. I did notice that with white wine, like many Chardonnays, the next day I have a headache. When drinking red wine I do not. Would you know why?…Dennis

    • There are claims that white wines contains sulphites that can cause headaches, however there is no definite answer to why some wines causes headaches as different individuals have different reactions to drinking wine. 

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