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Moving House Checklist for First-Time House Buyer

Our house is always the best place to go home to, it makes us feel safe, relaxed, enjoyable, and the only place that we can be ourselves.

The place we call home

As a first-time house buyer, buying a new house is not only a happy thing, but it is also one of the things that make us feel proud to be able to own a home. However, buying a house is never an easy task, there are a lot of research that we need to do before we can make a purchase decision, such as:

  • The location of the house
  • The cost of the house
  • The interest rate of house loan
  • The instalment of house loan
  • The cost of renovating a house

We usually make the necessary payments after going through all considerations and have decided on the house. However, buying a house is not the same as buying something from the supermarket where you immediately own the thing after you have paid for it. For us to call the house our own, we will still need to wait for the house ownership transferring process to be completed before we can own the house and start the renovation work.

And after the house has been fully renovated, we won’t be able to move in yet, as we will still need to furnish our house and get all the necessary things ready before we move in.

So, to be able to live in a new house is really one of the happier things in our life, but the process of getting ready to move in the new house is quite a painful experience to most people.

Therefore, here are some tips for you on how to furnish your house and things to buy when moving into a new house.

How to Furnish a House without Going into a Debt

As a first-time house buyer, we tend to have little idea on what furniture to buy when our new house is fully renovated and we are ready to move in. Buying furniture requires some homework, so that we can get our desired furniture at a good value for money with the same quality compared to other stores that is selling at higher prices, and as a result, lower the risk of a high debt.

Let’s see below 6 tips on how to buy furniture in a smart way:


Buy used furniture online

Buy used furniture online

Sometimes, we will have a lot of concern when planning to buy a used furniture. However, just try asking ourselves this question, is used items really bad? Take a look at our house, there are a lot of furniture which we have been using for more than a decade, but are still in a good condition, so why should we throw them away? With that, why can’t someone sell their used item in good quality to other people?

Therefore, buying a used furniture is nothing bad, it is not only cheap in price, but it is also without the smell of chemicals released from new furniture.

With today’s advanced technology, we can easily find used furniture online, bargain with the seller for the best price, then make payment online and wait for the furniture to be delivered to our house.

Now, this is another question – Where can I buy used furniture online? Here are 6 websites that allow you to buy and sell used furniture online:


Buying time matters

What is the best time of year to buy furniture

In order to buy the furniture with best price, timing is important. So, what is the best time of year to buy furniture? Firstly, we should always avoid buying furniture during the snowing weather, as it is difficult to deliver under this weather condition and extra delivery cost would be incurred.

Secondly, festivals are also the best days to buy furniture, as most of the sellers will opt to give a discount during this period to compete with other sellers. So, buying furniture during Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Black Friday, Independence Day etc will enable you to get cheaper furniture compared to other days.

Lastly, most of the sellers will release new designs of furniture in February and August. So, January and July will be the best months to get the furniture we want in discounted prices as sellers will definitely need to clear their stock before the new batches of furniture arrive at their warehouse.


Price Comparison

Compare price

Just like buying anything else, we will need to compare the price before we purchase it. This is because you will see different prices being offered in different stores even for the same furniture with the same quality, and the price difference can be quite huge sometimes. One of the reason behind this is due to the quantity of furniture the seller is ordering from the furniture manufacturer, the lesser quantity they order from the manufacturer, the higher the furniture price.

So, do the price research before you make any purchase decision.

Buy from the same furniture store

Buy with same furniture store

It is recommended to buy most of your new house furniture from the same store. You tend to have more bargaining power when you buy more from the same furniture store. However, always buy from a furniture store with good reviews to reduce your risk of buying all furniture with poor quality from a bad seller.


Buy directly from the manufacturer

Direct buy from the manufacturer

Buy your furniture directly from the manufacturer is your other way of saving money. This is because you actually save the money which was originally meant to be earned by the furniture distributor and retailer. The only disadvantage is that not all manufacturers will sell their end product to the consumer directly. However, you can sometimes see these manufacturers making their presence at furniture events and exhibition, so always follow your local furniture events news to ensure you grab this golden opportunity and do not let it slip away.


Some furniture can defer to be purchased

Dont rush to buy furniture

Not all furniture needs to be in place before we can move in to our new house. If condition allows, then there will not be any problem to buy all the furniture at once. However, if the condition does not allow, then we can always defer the purchase of some of the furniture. For instance, we can still live in our new house without a coffee table. Do not get yourself into a debt just because you want to buy all furniture at once, this will only cause you to suffer in the near future when the bill arrives right in front of you.

So, come out with a checklist to see which furniture needs to be purchased first before you proceed to buy those least important furniture.



What to Know Before Buying Furniture

Furniture is not like a daily use item, we are using them for a long term and it will be best if we can buy once and last for a long time. Therefore, it is important to research more and understand more before we buy it. Do not regret only after the furniture has been placed in your house, it is then too late!

There are 4 things you should know before you buy a furniture:


Do not buy furniture with strong chemical odour.

Furniture with strong chemical odors

Sometimes, you will find a strong chemical odour that can make people shed tears when you try to open the drawer of a study table or the sliding door of a wardrobe in the furniture store. This is an obvious sign that these type of furniture consists excessive formaldehyde which will bring negative effect to our health, hence it is not recommended to buy it.

If you do not have other choice and to buy these type of furniture due to budget constraint, then it is advisable that you expose the furniture under the sun for some time before you begin use it.


Too cheap

Beware of too cheap in price

Sometimes you will see a lot of cheap furniture online or in local stores, are they worth a buy? Good things are often expensive, but if it is too cheap, then you will have to be careful of your purchase. Every seller wants to make a profit, if you can bargain and get unreasonable low price too easily, then you have to think twice before purchasing it. These type of furniture could be made using poor quality materials or with excessive formaldehyde. Or it might look nice from the outside, but the fact is you will never discover the decay or defect hiding inside the furniture.



Measurement of furniture

Before purchasing any furniture to be placed in either the living room, bed room or dining room, first measure the size of the places, including length, width & height. Do not directly purchase the furniture by simply assuming it will fit into the space in your house, as most of the time, our judgement usually goes wrong especially when we are too excited and purchase impulsively. In order to save your money, time and energy, measure first before you visit any furniture store to know what size of the furniture you should get for your house.


Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture

If you plan to buy solid wood furniture, then you will need to have some knowledge on how to determine whether the furniture is really made of full solid wood or mixture of wood. One of the method is to check on the wood grain and wood knots of the furniture. According to experts, the wood grain of full solid wood furniture should all look the same no matter in which direction. In addition, if the solid wood furniture contains wood knots, then it should look alike from both front and back direction.



What to Buy for New House

Before you move, what are the things you need for your first apartment or first house? This is always a headache, as there are a lot of things to buy before we can move into our new house. So, it is recommended to have a house moving checklist or otherwise, it will cost you a few trips to the convenient shop or supermarket repeatedly.

New house checklist

This is the new home essentials checklist (A-Z) for your reference:

1. Alarm Clock 73. Lunch Boxes
2. Aprons 74. Masks
3. Artwork 75. Mattress Pad
4. Bathroom Mats 76. Mattress Protector
5. Battery 77. Measuring Cups
6. Beanbags 78. Measuring Cups and Spoons
7. Bedsheet 79. Microwave
8. Bleach 80. Mirrors
9. Blender 81. Mop
10. Bolster 82. Mothball
11. Bowls 83. Napkins
12. Broom 84. Paper Towel Holder
13. Buckets 85. Pepper Cellars
14. Bulletin Board 86. Pepper Grinder
15. Cabinet Organizers 87. Photo Frames
16. Calendar 88. Picture Handing Kit
17. Can Opener 89. Pillow Protectors
18. Candles 90. Pillowcases
19. Chair 91. Pillows
20. Chopsticks 92. Plants
21. Cleaning Rags 93. Plastic Bags
22. Cleaning Sponge 94. Plate
23. Cling Film 95. Printer Paper
24. Clock 96. Razors
25. Coasters 97. Rice Cooker
26. Coffee Maker 98. Room Fresheners
27. Colander 99. Salt
28. Comb 100. Salt Cellars
29. Comforter/ Blanket 101. Scissors
30. Cooking Oil 102. Screwdrivers
31. Cotton Balls 103. Sewing Kit
32. Cutter 104. Shaving Cream
33. Cutting Board 105. Shoe Bags
34. Decorative Items 106. Shoe Trees
35. Desk 107. Shower Gel
36. Dish Detergent 108. Silicone Spatulas
37. Drawer Organizers 109. Skin Cleanser
38. Drying Rack 110. Slippers
39. Duct Tape 111. Soy Sauce
40. Dust Pan 112. Spoon
41. Dusting Cloths 113. Steam Iron
42. Extension Cords 114. Steamers
43. Fire Extinguisher 115. Styling product
44. First-aid kit 116. Sugar
45. Flashlights 117. Table Fan
46. Flour 118. Table Lamp
47. Food Container 119. Teakettle
48. Fork 120. Telephone
49. Frying Pan 121. Tissue
50. Glass 122. Toaster
51. Gloves 123. Toilet Air Freshener
52. Hair Conditioner 124. Toilet Brush
53. Hair Shampoo 125. Toilet Paper
54. Hairdryer 126. Toilet Plunger
55. Hammer 127. Toilet Seat
56. Doorstop 128. Toilet Soap
57. Hand Mixer 129. Toothbrush
58. Hand Sanitizer 130. Toothpaste
59. Hand Towel 131. Towel
60. Hanger 132. Trash Bags
61. Heavy Baking Sheets 133. Trash Can
62. Ice Bucket 134. Tray
63. Iron 135. Tumbler
64. Ironing Board 136. Vacuum Machine
65. Kitchen Knives 137. Vegetable Peeler
66. Kitchen Scale 138. Vinegar
67. Kitchen Towels 139. Washboard
68. Ladder 140. Welcome Mat
69. Laundry Brush 141. Whistle
70. Laundry Detergent 142. White Board
71. Light Bulbs 143. Wine Glasses
72. Luggage 144. Wooden Spoon


Moving into a new house is a very important and delightful moment in our life, try to imagine, how many times can we move houses in our life? Therefore, do all the necessary preparation and get your own new house checklist ready before moving into the new house, so that you will not ruin this great moment that rarely happens in our life. 😊



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  1. Hello there and thank you for the article.
    You cover the basis of house buying and furniture buying very well in a simple way that is easily understood. There’s a tendency to buy everything new when a new house is purchased and in the the “spirit’ of new much money can be wasted without realizing that some cost can be deferred for later. You give many sound suggestions and your article is orderly and to the point for someone without experience.

    • I agree with what you said that we tend to get everything new for our new house and not realized we’re slowly burning the money away and caused ourselves to be in debt. Therefore it is important that we buy moderately and to defer some of the purchase which can be delayed.

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