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Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

Why is fishing so fun

Those who like fishing are always being asked these questions: Is fishing fun? Why do you go fishing so often?

Why is fishing so fun? This is really not a good question, because it really depends. Each person’s thinking and concept of fun is different, which is why everyone has different hobbies. Some people may find it fun as fishing requires a lot of skills and patience and imagine the excitement when you get the fish in return. However what are the skills, you asked? Among the skills that you should know are what fishing rod to use, what bait to use and also skills like how to pump and lift the fishing rod. However, another group of people may find it boring as it is also very hot, dirty, and sometimes they wasted too much of their time waiting without getting any fish.

To me, fishing is not only fun, but there are also some advantages of fishing:

  • It trains your patience. You can’t fish without patience.
  • It makes you learn. Keep learning and improving from your mistakes, or you won’t be good at fishing.
  • It helps strengthen your relationships with your friends or families. During fishing, you can talk, play, and get to know each other better.
  • It is a type of exercise. Fishing requires some physical strength, especially when you catch a big fish. Which is why fishing is good for heath as well.
  • It is an affordable activity. Just a few necessary items and you are good to go.


11 Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

Now, let us see what the information you should know about fishing as a beginner.

1) Fishing Equipment

Small fishing tackle box
As a beginner, you must first get ready the fishing equipment such as rods, lines, lures, hooks, sinkers, floats, reels, net etc.

It is advisable not to buy all the fishing equipment at once, because you won’t be needing some of these items immediately. Seek advice from your experienced fishing mates what you should have in your small fishing tackle box.

Besides that, you must always compare the price before buying any fishing equipment. Some excited beginners ended up buying all expensive fishing equipment just because they have a perception that things that are more expensive should have better quality. This is not true, therefore always compare the price from shop to shop before you purchase it.


2) Sunblock & Mosquito Coils

Prevent Moquisto
During summer, sunblock is a necessity when you go fishing. Sunblock does not only prevent us from getting sunburn, it also protects our skin against sunspots, wrinkle and skin cancer.

Besides sunblock, mosquito coil is also a necessary item. As most fishing location tend to have a lot of mosquito, remember to put mosquito coils in your fishing bag in order to prevent yourself from becoming like the person in the picture above.


3) Location

Sea fishing location
Location is a key to the entire fishing activity, as it decides the number of fish, fish types and fish size that you will get at the end of the day.

So, if you fail to select a good fishing point, you will eventually fail to get any fish during the entire day of fishing. Therefore, you must do your research well before you decide on a fishing location. There are a few things you should put into consideration when you choose a fishing spot:

  • How is the water temperature?
  • What is the season?
  • What is the fish species on that particular location?
  • High tides or low tides
  • Know about your terrain


4) Weather

Best day for fishing
A windy day is the best day for fishing – this is a common sense to all fishing enthusiasts. This is because the fishes are more active during a windy day. However, if the wind is too strong or if there is a typhoon, you should consider calling off your fishing plan.

Wind direction is also very important. As the saying goes “wind from the east, fish bite the least”, so do not choose to go fishing on the day the east wind is blowing, as most of the fishes will hide in the rock area or deep-water area and will seldom come out to look for food.

So, it is advisable to check the weather forecast before you go fishing.


5) How to Cast a Fishing Rod

Casting a fishing rod requires some skills, you need to know how to hold the fishing rod, what your body position should be, and how to cast the fishing rod. As a beginner, you can search around for some relevant videos to watch and understand how other people are casting their fishing rod when they are fishing, and learn it before you go fishing. Believe me, it helps a lot.
Besides watching videos, below are also some basic tips on how you cast a fishing rod:

How to Cast a Fishing Rod

Step 1 : Lifting your rod behind you (the reel should be on top), keep your legs apart with the same width as your shoulder
Step 2 : Put one of your legs forward while holding your fishing rod with both of your hands.
Step 3 :  Then throw the fishing rod from the top of your head to the location which have been predetermined by you.


6) Fishing Baits

Different types of fishing bait
Different types of fishing bait can help you catch different types of fish. Therefore, you should know what type of fish you want to catch or are available for you to catch before you decide which fishing bait to use.

In order to make the fish interested in your fishing baits, it is important to take note of your bait colour, smell, taste and size.

  • Bait Colours: Fish will be attracted to the colour of the bait such as eye-catching red, yellow or white colour baits.
  • Bait Smells: Fish are sensitive to smell. The greater the smell of the fishing bait, the higher the chances to get the fish you want.
  • Bait Tastes: Fish are interested in sweet smell and a little bit of sourness, but do not like bitter, spicy or salty tastes.
  • Bait sizes: You should also take into consideration the size of your bait. To catch a small fish, small sized baits should be used, and vice versa, in order to facilitate the fish to swallow the baits.

You can actually get some fishing baits straight from your kitchen such as bread, potato, corn flour, banana etc.

However, it is more effective to catch the fish by using live fishing baits, such as worms, prawns, grasshopper, frogs, cricket etc.

Types of lures

There is also a type of bait called lures, you can see a lot of fishing folks using this type of bait today. Lures are made of plastic or wood which imitates a real fish, worms and bugs of different colours to attract the fish to eat them.


7) Fish Hook

What is the best knot for fishing
What is the best knot for fishing? The answer is Palomar Knot.

A lot of fishing encyclopaedias will show you more than 30 different kinds of fish hook knots, but all you need to know is the Palomar knot. It is a very easy knot to tie to ensure that the hook does not slips off easily. See the picture below on how to tie a fishing hook by using Palomar Knot.


8) Floaters & Sinkers

Fish tend to be active in the area where there is a plenty of food. So, floaters and sinkers have to be selected correctly in order to catch the fish you want.


For fishes that mostly swims in shallow water, a floater is required. By using floaters, the level of fishing baits can be adjusted according to your requirement. There will be a movement on the floater (shaking or sinking) when a fish bites of your bait. During that moment, quickly react to the bite before the fish swims away.


For deep water fishes, sinkers should be your option. By using sinkers, you can react to the fish bites when you see a slight shaking of the fishing rod or when you feel that there is some movements of the fishing line.


9) Patience

Fishing is a game of patience. You can’t expect a fish fall for your bait just 5 minutes after you cast your fishing rod. You have to wait and observe every single movement on your floater, fish rod or fish line and immediately react when there is a fish bite. Do not hesitate to think if your bait might have already been eaten by the fish or if there is no fish at all.

Remember, fishing itself is a self-cultivation activity, it allows people to maintain a calm state of mind, which plays a role in promoting human physical and mental health. Imagine, if you were to successfully catch a fish in every casting you made, then what fun it is to fish? Fishing is just like a game of hunting, the fish rod is your gun, and the bait is your bullet. You might missed the target at times, however, you might also take down the target if you keep on trying.

A lot of fish caught
Everything is worth it when you see the above results at the end of your fishing trip.


10) Safety

Safety is paramount in any event, including fishing.  There are a few aspects that you need to take note of for your personal safety while fishing:

Safety of fishing

  • First aid kit: You can have immediate remedy when an accident happens, such as you fall and injured yourself, or when you are faced with snake attacks, scratched by a knife, or is feeling unwell.
  • Companion: Bring someone together with you to not only take care of each other, but to also reduce the worries of your loved ones when you go fishing alone.
  • Torchlight: Your eyesight will become poor when the skies turn dark. Therefore, bring a torchlight together with you especially if you are fond of night fishing.
    Place: Do not fish below a tree especially during a rainy day to avoid being strike by lighting.


11) Your attire

Wearing for fishing
Your attire will not only impact your fishing results, but it is also one of the most important point that you should keep in your mind:

  • Clothes: It is advisable to wear long sleeves when you go for fishing. Long sleeves helps you stay away from sunburn during a hot afternoon and reduce the mosquito bites during the night.
  • Pants: Trousers or jogger pants is preferable during fishing. The greatest advantage is that they are easy to clean when they get dirty after the trip.
  • Shoe: Trekking shoes are recommended for fishing trip. The thick soles of trekking shoe plays a moisture-proof role, which ensures your feet stays dry and comfortable.


For fishing lovers, fishing does not only gives endless fun to their life, but also gives them time to appreciate their love of the big sea.

You should try to fish if you have never had any fishing experience before, I bet you will find lots of fun not only from fishing, but also from the beauty of the sky, the sea and the mountain.
Have a good fishing day. 🙂


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  1. This is great.
    As I move towards retirement, I would love to find a quiet, relaxing activity where I can simply think.
    I did some river fishing when I was 8 / 9 years old but was always frightened of catching my finger on the hook
    My only bait was bread soaked in milk and squeezed to a tacky pulp.
    I rarely caught much more than tiny fish which were just big enough to use as bait for bigger fish. Sadly my success rate was low at catching fish but high on the peace and quiet.
    I think it is time to revive the hobby since we have some beautiful lakes near us. Now I have a “how to” website, (yours) to help me figure out what to buy.

    • I strongly agree with you on this. Fishing gives us some ‘me time’ allowing ourselves to get away temporarily from our hectic life, and give us some time to think and be relaxed. I’m glad that you find the post on how to fish helpful and do keep us updated if you catches any fish!

  2. Although I have not been fishing in quite some time, I really enjoy doing it and was happy when I stumbled across your article. I especially like that you mentioned patience as one of the key factors. You are absolutely right, and that is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial steps.

    My great uncle loved to hunt and fish, and had a whole room of his house dedicated to fishing equipment, from big vests, wading gear, to poles, lures, and the likes. He even made my brother and I bobbers, out of sticks and styrofoam. He painted them and sent us monthly boxes with some gear, western books, and usually a few dollars hidden in some of the books.

    I hope your site is doing well, and that you are reaching a lot of people with your articles.

    Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks for the visit Christopher. I’m envious that you have such an awesome great uncle. Don’t put the equipments to waste though. It’s always fun to go fishing and relax our mind once in a while. 

  3. Hello Lifehackguide.com,
    I found your article very interesting. This is very good for people who are beginners of fishing. It is well written and you explained the process in full. That is fishing is a great social activity and excellent exercise and that location is very important. These are very good points. Great job

    • Hi Steve. Glad you found this useful. Fishing is a great hobby which also gives you plenty of me time and in a way, trains your patience. It’s not difficult to find yourself being hooked to such activity once you’ve started.

  4. Lifehackguide,

    I loved your article about sea fishing. I believe this is a great activity for stress relief to bond with other people and very good exercise too. And you explained very well all the techniques.

    Good Job

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