Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

Why is fishing so fun

Those who like fishing are always being asked these questions: Is fishing fun? Why do you go fishing so often? Why is fishing so fun? This is really not a good question, because it really depends. Each person’s thinking and concept of fun is different, which is why everyone has ...

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How to Pack Like a Pro When You Travel

How to pack light for travel

Have you always had the problem of stuffing everything you thought you might need into your travel suitcase and ended up with a lot of things that you never really needed at all? Many travelers tend to pack things that they won’t even be using in their entire trip. Buying ...

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Bid Farewell to Single Eyelids Problems

Perfect eyelashes

Oh single eyelids! I don’t hate them but how I wish I can have double eyelid to have a more beautiful looking eyes. A pair of bigger, brighter looking eyes that can capture hearts immediately. After all, it seems to be most people’s assumptions that double eyelids equals to attractive ...

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Personal Safety Tips for Women!!

Women Sexually Assaulted

Whenever we switch on the television or open up the newspaper, we occasionally see news about girls being sexually assaulted. It has become quite a norm today which makes me think – why did these unfortunate incidents continue to happen and what is happening to our advanced society nowadays? According ...

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How Can You Make Money from Blogging?

Start a profitable blog (Feature)

Nowadays, a lot of people have their own blogs. Some use it to share about their life story such as guide and recommendations of good food, travels, blogging about their pet etc. Meanwhile, another group of people create blogs with one thing in mind – to earn some extra cash. ...

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