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How to Save Money on Your Travel?

Traveling, has now become one of the goals we pursue in our lives.

Nowadays, people travel not because they are rich, but most of the time is because traveling has become a way for us to temporarily throw off the annoyance we faced every day, such as to take a break from our busy work and the pressure in our life. Through traveling, we can readjust our mood by relaxing, slowing down our pace and give ourselves time to think and reconsider certain plans in our life. Sometimes, a person changes to become a better and more cheerful person after they have come back from a holiday.

How to reduce travel costs

However, it is not cheap every time we go for a vacation, as there are a lot of travel expenses that we need to put into consideration, such as flight ticket, accommodation, food, transportation, souvenir to friends and family etc. So, each and every time we plan our holiday, the main question in our mind will be on how to reduce travel costs.


Best Ways to Save Money on Vacation

Is there any effective way to save money during holidays without reducing the pleasure and fun during your travel? You may find some tips in this article that can help you save your travel expenses on airline ticket, accommodation & transportation:


Airline Ticket

Typically, air fare will be occupying the largest portion of our total travel expenses. So, to reduce our travel costs, you have to know what the best time to book airline tickets is. This is because most airline companies will launch promotional campaign offering cheap flight tickets to passengers. Airline company might be selling the flight tickets with a cheaper price in order to make up for the loss caused by empty seats, low travel season, to compete with another airline company, or to give additional benefits to customers who purchase through the online platform etc. So, let’s see guidance below on how you can purchase airline tickets at best price.


How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

There are 6 ways to book flight tickets at lower prices:

i) Booking flight ticket online

Booking Flight Ticket Online

If you are looking for ways to get a cheapest airline tickets, you shouldn’t purchase it through travel agents but book airline tickets online instead. Travel agents will definitely charge you some additional fee as their commission of helping you to book the flight.


ii) Book in advance

How to save money on vacation

You need to buy your airline tickets earlier before you depart. According to research, you need to book your airline tickets 23 weeks before your departure date to get cheaper international airline tickets rate. However, for short haul flights, you need to purchase 9 weeks before the departure date.


iii) Air price alerts

Set alert to get cheap flight tickets

Register for email subscriptions of different airlines price alerts so that you will receive email alerts with the latest airfare. Also, when you check the flight price you should choose the “whole month” instead of selecting “specific dates”. You can refer to Skyscanner on how to view flight prices across a month if you are not sure of how to do it.


iv) Choose correct day to buy

What is the best day of the week to buy airline tickets

What is the best day of the week to buy airline tickets? The answer is Tuesday. Why? This is because there is less demand on business travel bookings during Tuesday and Wednesday, so the airfare will be cheaper compared to other days. Airline ticket will be more expensive on Friday and Monday due to the high demand of business travel bookings.

Tuesday is also the best day to purchase the airline ticket because most of the airlines will release their promotion on late Monday night, so after these airlines compete with each other and matched the new lower prices, you can then benefit from it on Tuesday afternoon and find a lovely airline ticket price.


v) One-way ticket

One-Way Ticket

Sometimes, it is good to buy a one-way ticket rather than a round-trip ticket. The round-trip ticket for the same airline might be more expensive than buying a one-way ticket from two different airlines at times. However, this method is not always workable as it will depend on how the airline is charging.

Besides this, you can also consider to land in alternative airports if your airline ticket for your ideal airport is more expensive.


vi) Airline tickets comparison websites

How to find cheapest airline tickets

Do you know how to find cheapest airline tickets nowadays? You no longer need to go to each and every airline websites to find the airfare, then record it in your spreadsheet and compare it. You can now actually visit some of the best airfare comparison sites to see the airfare from different airlines at the same traveling period at a glance:

With these sites, you can find out the lowest airline tickets easily and instantly.


How to Get Free Airline Tickets

Yes, you are seeing the header correctly, we can actually get free airline ticket sometimes – we just need to know how to do it. Here are 4 ways that allow you to get the free (or almost free) airline tickets:

i) Use airline miles

Airline miles reward credit card

Apply airline miles reward credit card which allow you to collect points from every spending that you have made, you can then redeem the air miles with these collected points and use it to exchange for free tickets or to purchase airline tickets with discounted prices.


ii) Zero-airfare promotion

Zero-Airfare Promotion

Sometimes, airlines such as Air Asia will conduct a zero-airfare campaign. So, subscribe to different airline newsletters to make sure you receive the latest news and all relevant information so that you won’t miss the golden opportunity to get the zero-airfare tickets.


iii) Write a blog for travel company

Write a Travel Blog

If you are good in writing blogs, then you can consider to write articles to promote certain travel company and ask for free airline ticket as a reward. However, you must know how to write a good content and make sure your content can appear right in front of your audience, so that the travel company will find your blog useful to them and reward you with the free airline ticket.

If you are interested to find out more on how to write an effective content, you can refer to my previous topic – How Can You Make Money From Blogging?


iv) Sweepstakes

Dream vacation sweepstakes

You can also get free airline tickets via sweepstakes. Try to search all sweepstakes online that offers vacation prizes, then follow the instructions and requirements to join it. Who knows? You might end up as one of the lucky winners at the end of the day.

If you would like to know the ways on how to increase your winning rate in sweepstakes, you may refer to this post – How to Enter Sweepstakes and Win?




The second largest travel expenses will be the money we spent for the place to rest and sleep. So, knowing how to save money on hotels can definitely help you cut down on your travel expenses.

How to find a cheap hotel? Below are 7 ways that can help you book your preferred hotel room at the best price:

Book a hotel room online

Book a hotel room online

Hotels prices will relatively be lower if you book online. Most of the hotel’s walk-in rate are generally 30% more expensive than booking online. Therefore, book your hotel room online if you want to save money on travel. If you have no choice and have to walk in to book your hotel room, then bargain with the receptionist, most of the time, those who bargains will get a hotel room with a discounted price.


Off peak season

Travel Off Peak Season

Another way to save money on accommodation is to travel during off peak seasons. You will not only get a better rate for your room, you will also get a better price for transportation and airline ticket. Besides this, you also can avoid the “sweaty crowds” which always happen on peak season especially during the summer, and do not need to waste your time waiting at theme parks, restaurants, or shopping malls due to long queue.


Stay more than one night

Stay More Than One Night

Many hotels or hostels will offer a discounted rate for their guests who stayed for more than 1 night. Some hotels will even offer you a night free if you stay longer. So, it is advisable not to book too many different hotels, it does not only help you save on your hotel cost, it also helps to significantly reduce your transit time and the time to check in your hotel.


Social media

Airlines social media

Follow as many hotels’ social media as possible, so that you can immediately know when there are any promotions for the hotel rooms. Besides that, you can also join different travel groups in social media to be alerted of any promotions which will be shared by the people in the same group.



Airbnb to save money

Nowadays, besides staying in hotel when we travel, we can also stay in someone else’s house by booking the room through Airbnb. With that, we have plenty of choices on the place we want to stay – whether in the town, village, or city area, according to your preference.

Besides, the greatest advantage of Airbnb is cheap in price. If you are a first-time user, you can also book the room with discounted price.


Hotels comparison websites

Hotels Comparison Websites

Just like buying items, we need to compare at least 3 sellers before we make decision on who to purchase from. Same thing, always compare hotel prices before booking any hotel. The hotel rate can be different in different websites even on the same day. Hence you are recommended to compare the hotel rates in major hotels comparison websites to find out what is the best hotel price on your traveling date.

A little tip is to also download the hotels comparison websites mobile apps to your smartphone, and compare the price you see in the app with the website. Sometimes, booking the room through mobile apps gives you certain discounts.
Below are a few hotels comparison websites for your reference:


Exclude breakfast

Exclude breakfast to save money

Prices of hotel rooms without breakfast will definitely be lower. Normally, travellers will prefer to have their breakfast in local stalls or cafes as this is basically one of the travel purpose as well. So, if you do not prefer to have your breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, then opt to exclude the breakfast from your booking to save money.


Transportation Cost

During travel, we cannot ignore the cost from transportation such as taxis, subways, trains, and buses etc, unless we are willing to walk to every travel spots. Transportation cost will usually make up the third largest portion in our total travel expenses. So, learn ways to save money on transportation cost which will also help drive down your total travel expenses at the end of the day.

See below for 5 ways on how to save money on transportation cost:

Rent public bicycle (Bicycle sharing system)

Bicycle sharing system

If walking to every travel spot is too difficult for you, and you do not want to spend too much on transportation, then you can consider to rent public bicycles. Nowadays, most countries have public bicycles renting option. Renting bicycles does not only save your transportation costs, it is also good for your health at the same time as well as cycling is also a form of exercise.



Uber to save transportation cost

Unlike a traditional taxi, you can now book a driver through your mobile app which is very convenient, inexpensive and safe, what we know as Uber. Besides, you can also enjoy up to $15 if you are a first-time rider. Uber app also ensures your safety by allowing you to share the ETA and trip status to your friend or family members, so that they can see the driver’s and vehicle’s information, and track your location with real-time map in Uber app.


Proper planning

Proper Planning to save transportation cost

Doing your homework and research prior to your travel is always necessary. This way, you know where you want to go and what you want to do. This is key to saving your time and also help you avoid certain mistakes which will eventually cost you to pay for additional transportation fee. For instance, when you plan for a place to go, find around for any other places nearby which you wish to go as well, so that you can visit all the places within the same location at once.


Book tickets online

Book Ticket Online to save transportation cost

Sometimes, you get cheaper tickets (bus, train, bullet train, boat etc.) if you book your tickets in advance online. Therefore, do some research on the local public transportation websites so that you will not miss out on the opportunity to get a better price for the transportation tickets. However, the disadvantage of this is that you cannot get your refund if you missed the transport which you have booked.



Hitchhiking to save transportation cost

You can also save your transportation cost by asking a stranger to give you a ride. With that, you not only get a free ride, you can also make friend with the person who gave you the free ride. However, safety issue is always the main concern on hitchhiking.


I believe everyone hopes to save money while traveling, as every single penny we spend on traveling is our hard-earned money. So, the ultimate goal of traveling is to save as much money as possible but at the same time also enjoy the pleasure of traveling. 🙂


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  1. Great article on saving money on travel. Proper planning before traveling and do things accordingly will really help to save money.
    The tips and guides mentioned in the article are really helpful to save money on every travel related expenses heads. Great insightful write-up. From travel ticket to lodging and from dinning to taxi hire for sightseeing, great savings are there.
    Thank you!

    • Yes, having a great vacation does not have to cost you a hole in your pocket. Hope these tips help you save while you enjoy your vacation!

  2. Saving money or not spending over budget, but still enjoying the trip we wish to go. Yes for many, traveling is a way off to the daily routine or stress way life, and nowadays it’s easier to do as mentioned in the Lifehackguide.

    Holiday need time to prepare, and the airline tickets can be a headache, also planing a voyage, we bette spent time to the right sites and compares what are the best offers. 23 weeks seems to be the right time, 9 weeks the limit, if you are sure with your date.

    the links search at lifehackguide are among the top of the best offers you can find on line. Email subscription, that’s a good idea and buy on Tuesday, that’s a good information to remind when booking a ticket.

    I like the idea of writing a blog to get a free ticket, sweepstakes is something I discover and have a look now.
    I will invest my time in local search, and see.

    • You’re absolutely right. The purpose of this post is to reach out to traveling enthusiasts out there to let them know that traveling does not always have to come with a hole in their pocket. Follow these tips to save while you travel so that you have more to spend on other necessary stuffs 😉

  3. This answers literally all the questions I have been wanting to Google about planning a trip. I am definitely not 23 weeks in advance, I don’t think I’m ever that well-organized, but it’s a good idea.

    I have heard before the suggestion to wait to book flights until Tuesday, but I never knew why or if that was a real thing. Thanks for answering that question. I’m going to test that out for sure.

    I used to use a travel agent, but it makes sense that it’s so easy to find deals online now, why should I pay a middle man? You have way better options than a travel agent could recommend. I think I’ll just visit you here to see what tips I can find before booking anything. Thanks!

    • Hi Sunny! We’re paying more to book a ticket through a travel agent as they are the one doing the work for us. However, we can easily compare the tickets and book it by ourselves. With the advancement of the technology, everything is so simple with just a click of a button.

  4. Great article, with some great advice. I think anybody that travels is always looking for ways to save money, and you hit on all the top points of interest.

    Concerning air travel, I sometime use an app called Skiplagged. It allows you to find cheaper airfare by getting off at a layover rather than your final destination. Depending on where you are trying to go, you can save some considerable money, but it only works if you are carrying-on your luggage.

    Great article though and some really great advice.

  5. I travelled quite a bit these few years as well. All the points you mentioned in your article are right as it really helps save up quite a bit of money when travelling overseas. Saving up on air tickets and accommodation means I can enjoy more of the local stuff such as their food or shopping options.

    • You’re right Reuven, after all, we travel to be able to experience different cultures and environment and what better way to do it other than trying out their local food. The money we saved on the air tickets and accommodation can be spent comfortably on food!

  6. Very informative article. I always wondered how do people get cheaper flights tickets and most of the time when I travel I pay a huge amount of money.
    Your article is very important to all travellers. I will definitely bookmark this article so that I can save better next time.
    Thank you.

    • Keep in mind that the money you save from flights can be used on other things like food and shopping. Every penny counts whenever we are traveling as it is all from our hard earned money.

  7. I used to travel once or twice every year and it was amazing, but lately I’ve been less able to afford it so I travel once every couple years or so. I have found that it’s always good to check the whole month for flight dates. I have heard of booking on Tuesday before, but I wasn’t sure if it was true or not. Next time I’ll try it. I didn’t know you could blog for airline companies, I might look into that. This was a very informative read, thank you.

    • Hope these tips will be able to help you save traveling cost so that you can travel more often as you wish. Saving on accommodation and transportation also helps a lot as these 2 take up a huge portion of our traveling expenses.

  8. I agree with you. Sometimes, changing a scenery makes you feel much better.
    I am not ancient but I remember when traveling wasn’t as common as it is now. The most important reason why so many people are traveling is that costs have gone down dramatically in the last twenty to thirty years. Even it is cheaper now, every tip or suggestion is highly appreciated by tourists. Wherever you go as a tourist there is a chance that someone will try to rip you off. That is why your guide is very valuable. Very good post which will help many.

    • Thanks for finding the post helpful. Although it is cheaper now, but every travel is our hard earned money. Therefore we will need to find ways to save so that we can spend more on other things during our traveling period.

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