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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently & Naturally

Why is my skin so itchy at night? I’ll just scratch and ignore it then continue to sleep again. After a while, I feel itchy all over my body this time. Feeling weird, I quickly got up from my bed. After turning on the lights, I saw a lot of rashes on my hands and legs!

Why is my skin so itchy at night

“I do not have any allergy problems before this so what is causing these rashes?” I thought to myself. I then quickly check out my bed, but I see nothing on my bed. Again, I wondered to myself, what in the world is happening?

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then your bed is highly possible to be under attack by bed bugs.



What is Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are usually brown in colour with sizes approximately 4-5 mm (a grain of rice), mainly active at night and is a type of parasitic insects who lives by sucking the blood of human or animal. They usually live in the cracks or hidden places of our couch, wood furniture, ceilings, wood floors, or wall.

What is Bed Bugs

Once you are bitten by bed bugs, it will cause itchiness and rashes on our skin with a slight burning sensation. People with allergies who are bitten by bed bugs often have symptoms of inflammation, strong itching and in some minor cases, experiences bacterial infection after scratching the bitten area.

Therefore, it is good to know more information about bed bugs besides it being an annoying pest during our bedtime.


  1. What does a bed bug look like?

What does a bed bug look like

This is how exactly a bed bug look like, it is small in size but will bring you real nightmare if you try to ignore it.


  1. What do bites from bed bugs look like?

We all know bed bugs are nasty insects that make us feel very uncomfortable after being bitten, but how does your skin exactly looks like after the bite? See below for bed bug bites in pictures:

Bed bug bites in pictures 2     Bed bug bites in pictures 1

Disgusting isn’t it? That’s why we need to do something in order to prevent this from happening to us or our family members.


  1. Where do bed bugs hide during day time

Bed bugs generally live in a group and mainly live in bed frames, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, shelves, blankets, grass mats, mattresses and other things with cracked lines or holes. Eggs of bed bugs are also commonly found in these places.

Bed Bugs in Bed Frame Where do bed bugs hide during day 2  Where do bed bugs hide during day 1

Therefore, large number of bed bugs are often found in these places accompanied by many brown muck spots also known as fecal stains.


What causes bed bugs and How to Prevent it

Bed bugs are annoying and will disturb us from having good night’s sleep which will thus affect our work and life. Now the question is – how to get rid of bed bugs permanently? To get rid of this distressing thing, it is important for us to know why there are presence of bed bugs in house. What causes it? And how to prevent bed bugs in home?

Environmental Factor

A humid climate is one of the reasons that accelerate the reproduction of bed bugs, as bed bugs like moist environment the most. Hence keep your indoor environment dry all the time, such as your room, wooden flooring, door, window or wall. Bed bugs will never consider to live in a house which is dry and clean.


Hygiene Factor

Personal hygiene and the hygiene in the entire house is also a factor that causes bed bugs.

  • Do not lie on your bed after coming home from a day out without bathing, as you might not know if there is any bed bugs on your body that you have carried home from somewhere.
  • Garbage should be promptly disposed and not accumulated in your house.
  • Always ensure the cleanliness of your house especially around the corners, and clean up debris under the bed, mattress padding etc, as these are the places where bed bugs choose to hide themselves.
  • Regularly clean your bed sheet, blanket or comforter and dry it under the sun.


Quality of Bed Set

Some people with budget concerns tend to buy beds with poor quality in order to save money. However, this is how the story of bed bugs began. This is because low-quality bed boards or bed frames tend to have many small holes that allows bed bugs to hide themselves and multiplies their number. Besides, bad quality mattresses are normally made of poor cotton which has low breathability and is easily damp which provide a good environment for bed bugs to reproduce themselves. Therefore, buy a bed set with good quality to not only make us feel comfortable, but to also help prevent bed bugs from coming. Bear in mind that 1/3 of our daily time is spent on our bed, so if we cannot have a good rest during this period, then how can we enjoy the rest of the day?


From Someone or Something

Bed bugs are very good in hitchhiking, they never seek for your consent and will make their own decision to follow you or your belongings home. So, below are a few scenarios you need to be aware of in order to prevent bed bugs from appearing in your house:

  • Whenever you come home from traveling with your luggage or any other belongings, check thoroughly to make sure there is no bed bugs to avoid these fellas from making your house as their new home.
  • Check your personal items carefully after you have taken public transportation such as bus or taxi.
  • If there is a guest staying over at your house, be sure to clean all the bedding that is used by them and put them under the hottest temperature to avoid bed bugs infestation.



What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs will not easily show up in front of you especially during day time. So, how to find out if you have bed bugs? The following are the five early signs of bed bugs infestation:

  1. The bite of bed bugs will leave you with an extremely itchy scar, which is normally in a line or a cluster, and lasts about 2 weeks. Bed bugs will usually bite on human’s waist, neck and back part.
    Early signs of bed bugs 1
  1. You feel like you were bitten by something when you were sleeping, but you wake up and cannot find anything on your bed. At times, you will face the same problem during the day time as well.
  1. The bug bites happened after you brought second-hand or used furniture home especially wooden items, after you got back from travel, or after you had a friend staying over at your house recently.
    Early signs of bed bugs 2
  1. You find strange bloodstains on the blanket or bed sheet.
    Early signs of bed bugs 3
  1. There is strange smell coming from some areas of your house. This is because bed bugs leave an unpleasant odor wherever it crawled.



How to Remove Bed Bugs

The survival ability of bed bugs can sometimes be the same as cockroaches, both of them can survive well in a very harsh environment. According to research, bed bugs can survive in a fairly wide range of temperature and atmospheric composition. When the ambient temperature drops to 16.1°C (or 61.0 °F) it will not kill the bed bugs but will make them go into semi hibernation state which will make them survive even longer. Besides, bed bugs can still survive for at least 5 days even after the temperature drops to -10°C (or 14 °F). However, bed bugs will die after 15 minutes in extremely low temperature of -32 °C (-26 °F). Therefore, it is not an easy task to remove bed bugs without knowing the proper method.

So, what is the treatment of bed bug infestation?

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs that Work

If the bed bugs are only in a small number, then you can consider to use below methods to remove them:

  1. Boiling water method:
    Home remedies for bed bugs that work 1
    Use boiling water to pour on bed bugs infested area such as the hole or gap of bed frame/bed broad, grass mat, wooden furniture etc. This method can instantly kill not only the bed bugs, but also other type of bugs and eggs from insects that live in those places.


  1. Sun method:
    Home remedies for bed bugs that work 2
    During a hot day, place your clothes, beds, cabinets or any other suspected bug infested items under the exposure of the hot sun. The high temperature helps kills bed bugs naturally or make them crawl out from their hiding place.


  1. Self-hunting method:
    Home remedies for bed bugs that work 4
    Use a plastic or wood stick and continuously hit the place where you suspect the bed bugs are hiding at. They will come out when they feel their life are under threat and this is your opportunity to kill them immediately before they vanish in front of you.


  1. Vacuum method:
    Home remedies for bed bugs that work 3
    Use a vacuum to suck away the bed bugs and their eggs. Remember to clean up the vacuum immediately or else this will be another best place for bed bugs to hide themselves.


Bed Bug Sprays

Home remedies for bed bugs that work

What is the best bed bug spray that work? Basically, most of the bed bug sprays can easily and effectively remove bed bugs, but you have to consider whether the spray is toxic or non-toxic. So, always read the product description carefully and how other people review it below you make a purchase.


Pest Control Company

Home remedies for bed bugs that work 5

If there is a large number of bed bugs in your house, then you will need to contact the pest control company to get the professionals to help you remove them.

The bed bug extermination cost depends on the level of infestation. Typically, $50-$150 will be the cost of service for minor or light infestation. However, the charges could be more than $300 if your house is under heavy infestation.



Having bed bugs at home is really a distressing thing as they will not appear during the day time, and only come out at night time to deliberately disturb you when you are sound asleep with a sweet dream. So, we should take immediate action when there is a sign of bed bugs in our house, and shouldn’t wait until the bed bugs bring a series of problems to our life.

How to prevent bed bugs from spreading

Read this article if you do not know how to prevent bed bugs from spreading, or try to find out more information from other websites online. Let us protect our good sleeping time at night together. 😊



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  1. This was a very informative article about bed bugs. I haven’t personally experienced bed bugs, but I have had to plan events for large groups of people. When planning overnight events where people will be lodging, bed bugs and things of this sort are always a concern. Thanks for the information!

    • Great this article can be a heads up to you to avoid bed bugs after your guests are staying over. Ensure the cleanliness of the room or your furniture after the event is over. 

  2. Very interesting article, though I had heard about bed bugs, never knew they could be such a nuisance!
    Thanks for giving some really useful tips on treatment and also what to look out for!
    Imagine! Being in a taxi, plane, or bus and bringing home bedbugs! ugh!!
    Thanks for this info! Now I know – will look out for it!
    Cheers – Orion

    • Correct, even though it is not something you face right now, it does not mean you are free from bed bugs forever. Take preventive actions so that we will not be bugged by bed bugs 🙂

  3. Oh my god! this is horrible! I was reading the article completely horrified and disgusted… But thank you so much for the methods you described to prevent these creatures from appearing in my bed, and how to kill them in case they do – it is surely a very useful information!!
    I’ll keep the article just in case…

    • Yes Anna. It is good to know how you can prevent these so that you do not have to be in the situation where there are bed bugs around you. 

  4. Thank you for the informative article. Thankfully I have never had to deal having bed bugs. There has been several news stories in my city about some apartment buildings and a nursing home having this problem. I was under the impression that an exterminator was always necessary to get rid of them. It is good to know that there are some other options.

    • Exterminator helps get rid of bed bugs effectively however there are still some home remedies you can try by yourself first. Glad to hear that you were never bothered by bed bugs problems.

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