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How Can You Make Money from Blogging?

Nowadays, a lot of people have their own blogs. Some use it to share about their life story such as guide and recommendations of good food, travels, blogging about their pet etc. Meanwhile, another group of people create blogs with one thing in mind – to earn some extra cash. This leads us to another question, can we earn money by blogging? The answer is yes, prerequisite your blog content is original, useful, informative and comparative and is able to give the answers your reader needs.

How to Create a Good Blog

Believe me, it is not an easy task to become a successful blogger, in fact most of the bloggers out there do not even make sufficient money to cover for their hosting and domain cost. So, if you want to start your own blog today and plan to earn some pocket money in the near future, then you’ll have to master the skills and learn how to create a blog that makes money.


How to Create a Good Blog

This is most asked question of every blogger. Everyone hopes to write something that can attract all the readers in the online world, just like how a beautiful woman wants to attract every man’s heart. But, how do we do it? Your audience will not automatically come to read your content once you had completed your article and posted it to your blog. You will still need to make your blog visible to all of your readers, just like a beautiful woman still needs to go out of the house in order for men to discover her.

Let’s see what are the ways to get more readers to your blog which will eventually bring extra income to you:

Write Quality Blog Content

A good blog does not only depend on the quantity, but also the quality of your content. So, do not assume that your blog is greater and is more interesting compared to others just because you are posting a new content every day or every hour. Online readers or searchers tend to look for contents that are useful to them, therefore, a good blogger will make sure that their blog content is good quality with below criteria:

  1. Content Title & Header
    These are the first thing your readers look at before they decide if they want to continue reading the content of your blog. Therefore, having an effective and attractive title and header is a key to win your readers’ heart.
  1. Informative
    Give comprehensive information to your readers, so that they do not need to search other articles or blogs for more information. Besides that, always stand on your readers’ point of view when you are writing your content, so that you will know what readers actually want to know when they read your article.
  1. Comparative
    It would be better if you can provide a comparison of different types of information, products or services. This is especially helpful during the time when your readers have already intended to make a purchase, but are finding some facts to support their purchase.
  1. Original
    Contents must not be copied or plagiarised from other sources and pasted into your blog. This is not only unwelcomed by your visitors, but are also unaccepted by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  1. Target readers
    Before writing something, always ask yourself who your target readers are. What type of article are they looking for and what do they want to read? If you are writing about a topic targeting pet lovers, do not suddenly write something irrelevant such as a funny topic in your blog content.
  1. Relevant image
    There will be contents that are difficult to be explained with words. What you can do is to add in some relevant images to help your readers have a better understanding on what you are trying to convey. For instance, statistics data or graphs.
  1. Length of Content
    It is advisable to write each article with 1,000 – 1,500 words. I am not saying that a short content is bad, but it helps to have a comprehensive article and an informative and comparative content definitely requires more words.
  1. Paragraphs
    An effective content is separated into a few different paragraphs. No one is going to read an article which has 1,000 words in just one paragraph.


Write Niche Content Articles

What is niche content? Probably you might have heard a lot of people telling you that your content must be a niche in order for you to make money from your blogs or websites. This statement is undeniably true, but do you know why?

Let’s see example below, if you were to write a content about “iPhone”, you are actually competing with 2.69 billion articles out there with the same word.
What is niche content

So, it is almost impossible to get your article visible to your readers, especially when you are new to this area. Which is why you should write a niche content rather than something that has already been written and shared by a large group of people. Just like when there are already lots of people fighting for limited apples below an apple tree, you switch to another fruit tree with less people because you know that you have zero chance to get the apple.

Below is a study showing more than 54% of consumers agreeing that there is much greater influence when the community size is small, and only 12% disagree to it.

Niche content articles

Source: Technorati Digital Influence Report

Therefore in order to create a profitable blog content, we need to find a profitable niche markets where less people is competing against you. Let’s see below example again:

The topic on “iPhone” is no longer a niche. Therefore, what can we write if we still want to write something about iPhone in our blog content?Find a profitable niche markets

Probably we can consider to write a topic about “Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used iPhone”. See, this time there are only 8.2 million articles competing with you, which is 328 times lesser than the “iPhone” topic.

So, research and find your niche before you start to write your article. In fact, a niche is not easy to find, however all the efforts that you had put to write about the niche content will definitely be worth it in the future, especially when you see your earnings starting to grow.


Keyword of Blog Content

Another key to success is through the keywords in your blog’s content.

Keyword is a word or a sentence we normally use to perform our search in search engines. For example, this is how I type in Google when I want to purchase an iPhone X – “What are the new features of iPhone X”
Keyword of Blog Content

Sometimes your content is something your readers are looking for. However, as the keyword you used is not the keyword that they are typing in search engines or you are using the same keyword used by many of your competitors; you are indirectly letting your targeted readers flow into your competitor’s blogs or websites instead. So, don’t expect the article to help you generate an extra income if the keyword part is being neglected.

Therefore, it is really important to research beforehand the keywords your audience will normally use in search engines when you write your content for your blog. Now, the question is, how to do the keyword research and where can I do it?

There are a lot of tools out there that can be used to perform the keyword research, however I will only talk about 2 tools that I use often, which I personally feel are the most effective and affordable tools:


  1. Google AdWords – Keyword Planner (Free Tool)

AdWords is an advertising tool owned by Google which allows users to use the tool to advertise and promote their websites or blog in Google search engine. However, we can also use one of the features in AdWords to find keywords for our blog content – Keyword planner.

Google AdWords – Keyword Planner

For example, if we want to know how many people searched for “iPhone X features” in Google, we can type it in the search bar and click “Get ideas”. You will then be able to see that there is an average of 33,100 people searching for “iPhone X features” monthly, and the competition is medium.

Google AdWords – Keyword Planner 1

In addition, AdWords keyword planner also provides you all other relevance keywords that users use to search in Google. You can extract the keyword list to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and slowly review all the keywords that you want to use.

Google AdWords – Keyword Planner 2

Always use low competition keywords shown in AdWords keyword planner, as only low competition keywords can easily get ranked in Google in order for your blog content to show right in front of your readers.


Pros of AdWords Keyword Planner:

  • It is a free tool that can be used by everyone, as long as you have a Google AdWords account and it is also free to register.
  • You know what keyword people tend to use in Google.


Cons of AdWords Keyword Planner:

  • It is difficult to use as a beginner.
  • You do not know about the data for other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo.

Register for Google AdWords (Free) ->   Google AdWords – Keyword Planner 3


ii) Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This is another useful keyword research tool which can help us find the most unique and long tail keyword for our blog’s content.

What is long tail keyword? Long tail keyword is a sentence that contains at least 3-5 words people used to perform the searching in search engines. For instance, “Example of long tail keywords” or “What is the best keyword research tool” are long tail keywords. The purpose of using long tail keywords is to target niche market instead of mass audience which is highly competitive, like the keyword for “iPhone” which I have mentioned a while ago.

Let’s take the same example of “iPhone X features”.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool 1

Once you type your keyword in Jaaxy, besides being able to see the traffic information, this tool also shows you:

  • Quoted Search Result (QSR): This indicator shows you the total number of competitors ranked in Google for the exact keyword.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): This will let you know if your keyword is great, normal or poor.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This field will show you the SEO score based on traffic and competition. The higher the SEO score, the more likely your keyword will get a better rank in search engines.
  • Related keyword: Jaaxy will also show other keywords that are related to your target keyword, and together with suggestions of long tail keyword which is really valuable to your blog content.

Hence you can use this tool to find the most good and unique keyword and put them in your content in order to get ranked quickly in search engines; thus making your blog more visible to your target readers.


Pros of Jaaxy Keyword Tool:

  • It is easy to use and there are a lot of useful indicators to help you choose the best keyword to use.
  • You can see all the data from Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • You can also use this tool to check the keyword ranking for your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • You can also find the Affiliate Programs related to your blog content which can help you generate extra income.


Cons of AdWords Keyword Planner:

  • It is a paid tool.

Register for Jaaxy (Free 30 searches) ->   Jaaxy Keyword Tool


How to Make a Blog Profitable

Once you have your own blog with unique long tail keywords and a good niche content which your readers looked for, you can now consider using your blog to help you generate some extra income.

How to Make a Blog Profitable

Below are 3 ways in earning money with a blog:

i) Make Money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very popular monetization tool that allows bloggers to register and include different ads into their blog. You will then earn money when your readers click on the advertising link.

However, there are some things you should be aware of in order to get your Google AdSense account approved at the end of the day:

  • Your blog must have at least 50-100 visitors per day.
  • You need to post frequently on your new blog, for example, every week with 2 or 3 articles.
  • You need to have more than 15 posts and your blog is at least a month old.
  • It is advisable that your blog has pages like “About us”, “Privacy Policy” & “Contact us” which will increase the chances of your application being approved.
  • Make sure the content of your blog is not plagiarised from elsewhere.
  • Google loves content-rich articles, so make sure your article is informative and not too short.
  • It is advisable to use your own domain therefore it would be better to use a .com domain to apply for Google AdSense.


ii) Make Money by Selling Advertising Space
When your blog becomes popular, you can also sell your blog’s advertising space to make more money. The price you can charge for your advertising space generally depends on the popularity of your blog. The more popular your blog is, the higher cost of advertisement you can charge buyers for.

Below are some third-party websites that allows you to sell your advertising space:

iii) Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

You can also join affiliate programs to make your blog profitable. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn certain rate (or flat rate) of commission when your readers click on the affiliate link or ad banners that you had placed inside your blog and eventually make a purchase.
You can refer to my previous article for more information about Affiliate Marketing – Best Ways to Make Extra Money While Working Full Time


Who Can Create a BlogWho can Create a Blog

Anyone can create a blog and make money from their content as long as you have your niche, is informative and useful to your readers. For example:

  • College students can create a blog sharing their make-up skills, gaming skills, good books to read etc.
  • Homemakers can create a blog by sharing child care secrets, how to train their babies, cleaning hacks, recipes or even cooking hacks.
  • Retirees can create a blog sharing their fishing skills, gardening skills or hunting skills.

In short, as long as you can write, you can create a blog. Generally, you can write about anything in your blog, but you need to ensure it is interesting and there are audiences for your blog and waiting to read your next content if you want to earn some cash from your blog.

If you would like to give it a try and want to create a blog without paying any money, you can also read my previous article about Wealthy Affiliate, as this is a website that allows you to create a blog or website without paying any single penny – – Best Ways to Make Extra Money While Working Full Time.


Coming to a conclusion, creating a profitable blog is definitely not an easy task. Some people use years to build their blog without any obvious positive results. Therefore, in order to make money through blogging, we need to dump our stereotype thinking and keep on improving ourselves by catching up with the latest change in technologies. This is the only way to survive through the rapid changes in our society today.

Start a profitable blog

I hope this article helps you in achieving your dream of being a blogger and can earn extra income at the same time. 🙂


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  1. Your blog today has been an eye opener to me so much. You have taught me how to write content that will convert. I know understand that it is not just a matter of writing.

    But writing articles that my visitors will find it useful and beneficial and also engaging.

    And lastly thanks so much for introducing Google Ad-sense to and even what I can do to be approved when I apply.

    All the best

    • Yes, as the world of blogging is so much more competitive now, we need to learn how to write contents that are rich; and can reach out to our targeted market. 

  2. Thanks for this awesome post on how you can make money blogging.
    I agree with on this as a blogger because it is one of the ways that helps one to earn a full-time income online when done well.
    Blogging these days even though very competitive has also become easier to start thanks to content like this. So thanks very much for this post and keep the awesome job coming.

    • Thanks for the feedback Nyaaba! Yes, blogging is now becoming very competitive in the online world today, so I hope many will find this post useful, especially the beginners who is new to the world of blogging.

  3. Such awesome information here.

    I’m finding that quality content is key to capturing and maintaining readers/followers. One thing I struggle with is maintaining a consistent post schedule. Most of the time I do 1 per week, but during busy times, that often extends to 1 every two or three weeks.

    I know this is something that’s affecting the profitability of my site but I’m working on that. Again, great info.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! Yes, I agree it is not easy to maintain a consistent post schedule especially if we’re working full time at the same time. Perhaps you can get someone’s help to share the task with you, someone who is as passionate as you on this. All the best! 🙂 

  4. This a a really interesting and informative article, thank you! I have recently created my own website for my interest. I have discovered that I enjoy writing, but after reading your article this is really helpful in guiding me how to write an appealing and seo friendly blog. Great article! I look forward to reading more. Thank you Amanda

    • Thanks Amanda! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to do what you like and at the same time earn extra income? An appealing and SEO friendly blog helps you reach out to your targeted readers easier. Glad that you find the article useful!

  5. I think you have some excellent points when it comes to blogging.
    It’s really something you should be putting your heart and soul into and that you are helping others to benefit by what you’re blogging about.
    If you don’t have a great title and image, people won’t be interested in reading further.
    It’s important to provide solid content that folks can understand and benefit from.
    I think it’s also important to write a minimum of 1,500 words for each post and to never write the same amount for every one.
    I aim to try and have readers participate and engage in conversations.
    Where and how many keywords do you suggest to use?

    • Thanks for your informative comments, Rob. I agree with you that we should put our heart and soul into whatever we are sharing and help inspire others. I recommend that you use 5 – 10 keywords if possible in your article. How many keywords are you using which you find is good enough to get you traffics? 

  6. Great article! I have started blogging only about a year ago. One thing I’ve struggled most is to write enough content in a post. Usually I stop at 700 words because I cannot think of anything else to add. I struggle to get to 1000-1500, so I need to work on that.

    The only money I make right now is from adsense. Many people don’t like adsense because it pays very little, but I think it’s good because even beginners can see earnings right away which motivates you to keep blogging. Good job on this article, keep writing.

    • Hi Kent, I find the process of outlining your article before you start writing helps. This way, you know what you want to write and can elaborate more on your points. Good luck and continue writing more!

  7. Interesting. I never would have thought to use Google Keyword Planner for researching keywords. I thought that the data would only be valid for paid traffic. Now I see that the average monthly searches could shed some light on keyphrases that I may not be aware of in my niche.

    But let me get this straight, the competition metric is still referring to paid traffic sites, right? Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Very helpful post. Like you said, there are a lot of bloggers, but not many of them make a good amount of extra money. It takes a strong blog and a consistent following to make good money as a blogger.

    Blogging is definitely a fun way to earn extra money, but it isn’t easy. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and it’s a lot of work. I like your point about keywords. If you don’t use keywords then you will most likely be helping your competition. I need to remember this as I’m writing new content for my blog.

    Thank you for the helpful information.


    • You’re absolutely right Weston. Blogging is no easy work, besides having a content rich site, you will also need to keep blogging consistently. Keywords are important for you to reach your target market and also to increase traffic to your website.

  9. Hi Lifehackguide,
    Very neatly explained article about keywords, Keyword tools, blogging and affiliate marketing.Your step by step explanation will inspire anyone.Until now I did not have an idea about selling space to third-party ads, Thanks for making me aware.As you said selecting a niche is very important. Many people select the wrong niche, struggle to make money and finally give up. Instead of selecting a specific niche they are passionate about, will definitely help for success.

    • You’re definitely right. Find a niche that you’re passionate about so it keeps the passion and drive going and you will progress better as you go. It also always feels great when you’re able to share your passion and help others.

  10. I am new to the internet world and I totally agree with you that quality content can make or break your website from readers coming back for more titbits on your weekly post.

    I had no clue about blogging, looking over my old posts I see how I have progressed and my writing style has improved. Practice definitely makes perfect.

    Your post is a good reminder that if we follow the steps as outlined on your post we will become a professional blogger and earn a lucrative income.

    • It is important that we blog about our passion so that we can keep it ongoing for a long time and progress as we go along. I agree with you that practice makes perfect 🙂

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