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6 Best Places to Visit in France besides Paris

Best Places to Visit in France - The Loire

Bonjour! France is definitely one of the best places to see in Europe. Known for its delicious French food, wines, architectures and romance, it has always been many people’s choice as one of the countries to visit in Europe. The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when we ...

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How to Save Money on Your Travel?

How to save money on your travel

Traveling, has now become one of the goals we pursue in our lives. Nowadays, people travel not because they are rich, but most of the time is because traveling has become a way for us to temporarily throw off the annoyance we faced every day, such as to take a ...

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How to Pack Like a Pro When You Travel

How to pack light for travel

Have you always had the problem of stuffing everything you thought you might need into your travel suitcase and ended up with a lot of things that you never really needed at all? Many travelers tend to pack things that they won’t even be using in their entire trip. Buying ...

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