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The Red Wine Guide

Red wine

Red wine is a symbol of elegance. It is also associated with celebrations and love. It is not uncommon to pop a red wine to celebrate an event or just enjoyed the taste of it while in the company of our loved ones. It’s amazing how a bunch of grapes ...

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Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

Why is fishing so fun

Those who like fishing are always being asked these questions: Is fishing fun? Why do you go fishing so often? Why is fishing so fun? This is really not a good question, because it really depends. Each person’s thinking and concept of fun is different, which is why everyone has ...

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Personal Safety Tips for Women!!

Women Sexually Assaulted

Whenever we switch on the television or open up the newspaper, we occasionally see news about girls being sexually assaulted. It has become quite a norm today which makes me think – why did these unfortunate incidents continue to happen and what is happening to our advanced society nowadays? According ...

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Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

Had a great Valentines Day

What comes after Christmas and New Year’s Day? Valentine’s Day of course! The day where lovers show extra affection to each other and you see many lovey-dovey couples around you. Some who are still single took this lightly and Valentine’s Day calls for another reason for them to celebrate freedom ...

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