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Why Do We Need to Wear Sunglasses?

Cityscape focused in glasses lenses

Have you ever experienced walking on the streets with the extremely hot weather that you can’t even open your eyes due to the glare of the sun? If yes, then you should consider to buy sunglasses to protect your eyes. So, what is sunglasses? Stupid question right? But are you ...

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6 Ways to Deal with Bad Haircut

What makes your hair grow faster

You happily make your way to the hair salon and describe to your hairdresser the type of hairstyle you have in your mind. You then relax and flip through magazines in the salon while waiting for the hairdresser to do the magic to give you a fresh new look. Alas! ...

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Bid Farewell to Single Eyelids Problems

Perfect eyelashes

Oh single eyelids! I don’t hate them but how I wish I can have double eyelid to have a more beautiful looking eyes. A pair of bigger, brighter looking eyes that can capture hearts immediately. After all, it seems to be most people’s assumptions that double eyelids equals to attractive ...

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All About Wigs – Why hair is so important?

What is Wig 1

Everybody wishes to have a good hair day. Why hair is so important? Hair completes a person’s outlook and personality and is one of the key elements on how others evaluate or judge another person’s appearance. A person’s look can change dramatically just by the change of their hairstyle. Some ...

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Home Remedies for Curly Hair

Woman With Holding Long Damaged Dry Hair. Hair Damage, Haircare.

Many girls wished to have silky straight hair just like someone coming out from a shampoo advertisement. A crowning glory hair will definitely add additional points to a person’s appearance and also increase their confidence level. Having healthy and beautiful hair is also every girls’ dream as this can also ...

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