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9 Hacks for Beautiful Temporary Hair Color

Are you tired of looking the same and wants to change your look by having a different hair color; but is too afraid to go for a permanent hair dye just in case you end up regretting changing the color of your hair? Or, are you going out for a party and is thinking of styling your hair in different streaks of colors to stand out among the crowd? You might also be plain bored one day and decided to try out something fun with your hair while lazing around at home.

Temporary Hair Color

Now, wouldn’t it be great to have washable temporary hair color so that you can wash it off if you end up hating how the new color look on you? Temporary hair color is also a great alternative if you are afraid that your mom will be yelling at you for coloring your hair permanently with streaks of rainbow color hair dye.

Washable temporary hair color

There are a few ways of dyeing your hair with temporary hair colors to perk up the color of your hair. Even if you do not like the outcome, you will still have fun doing it.


Temporary hair dye with food coloring

Temporary hair dye with food coloring

One of the best temporary hair dyes that you can find easily in the kitchen is food coloring. Food coloring does not only make our red velvet cakes and cupcakes looks attractive and mouthwatering, it can also be used to color your hair. There are plenty of colors to choose from, whether you want to color your hair in pastel colors, or vibrant colors like red, magenta, blue, green, you name it.

It is either in liquid form or gel paste. The amount of food color you use on your hair depends on how dark you want the color to be. The more color you use, the darker the shade will be. Remember to wear gloves to avoid the colors from getting to your hands. Pour the color you chose into a container and apply the color to your hair using a brush. Leave the color on your hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour after you are done, then wash it off with cold water and blow dry your hair.

Lasting power: 2 – 3 weeks


Color your hair using temporary hair chalk or soft pastels

Temporary hair chalk

Hair chalk is designed and sold by manufacturers as an alternative to having temporary hair colors on your hair. Soft pastels are something that you can find from the craft stores or from the stationery shops and is generally used for drawing. However, one thing they have in common is that they are both powdered pigments which can be used as temporary hair tints for your hair.

Just keep in mind not to use oil pastels as it is sticky, will stain your clothes and will also damage your hair compared to soft pastels. Again, wear gloves as it will get messy. Wet strands of your hair then softly brush the chalk against the hair until you see the color on your hair. Brush your hair with a wide comb after you are done then blow dry your hair. Definitely an easy and fast way to have colorful streaks on your hair. And if you are wondering where to buy hair chalk, you can just conveniently buy it from online stores.

Lasting power: 2 – 3 days



Dye your hair with washable markers

Best temporary hair dye

The keyword here is washable. So make sure you use washable markers or you might have a hard time removing the colors off your hair if you are using permanent markers. So how do you use washable markers to color your hair?

Using a scissors, pop out the front and back of the marker and carefully push out the color tube inside the marker. Once you retrieve the color tube from the marker, dip the end of the tube into a bowl of clean water until the tip turns white. This way, you remove the color off from the end of the tube so that you can safely blow out the ink into a container using your mouth. Now, put on your gloves and start the painting process! Part your hair into sections and paint it the way you want it to. Just be careful not to let the ink go into your scalp. If blowing out the ink is too troublesome for you, you can also cut open the color tube and rub the ink felt inside the tube straight onto your hair.

Just keep in mind to wear gloves and an old shirt as it might get messy and stain your hands and clothes. If you are looking for the best temporary hair dye that does not damage your hair and gives you bright, funky colors; washable markers is definitely your answer.

Lasting power: Color fades after 2 – 3 hair wash



Using powdery eyeshadow as hair color

Eeyeshadow as hair color

Have you ever heard of eyeshadow hair dye or had the thought of using your eyeshadows to color your hair?

This method gives you one of the fastest and easiest way to have temporary hair highlights that goes off after a wash. You can use your available eyeshadows at home, or buy a new set if you are not too comfortable with the idea of rubbing your eyeshadows on your hair, then on your face.

The application is easy. Just choose the colored eyeshadow of your choice, then rub it up and down on your hair making sure you cover all the strands. You can spray on some hair spray on your hair after you are done to ensure the colors stay longer on your hair. This method also works on dark hair, just use brighter and vivid colors for better result. Now you know how you can recycle your expired eyeshadows! 🙂

Lasting power: Goes off after a hair wash


Using crepe paper as hair color

Crepe paper as hair color

Another creative trick on how to dip dye hair is to use crepe paper to dye hair.

Crepe paper is a thin and wrinkled colored paper and is mostly used in your arts and craft lessons or for decoration purposes. It is also one of the cheapest option to color or dip dye your hair. Choose a colored crepe paper of your preference, cut them into small strips then soak the crepe papers in a bowl of warm water. The dye from the crepe paper will slowly show on the water. Wear your gloves and part your hair into a few sections then dip your hair into the colored mixture. You may also use the remaining crepe paper to wrap it around the ends of your hair to allow the dye to absorb into your hair better. Let it stay for 30 – 40 minutes then wash and blow dry your hair.

Voila! Beautiful dip dye hair! Now “where can I get crepe paper”? Crepe paper is widely available in craft stores or you can also buy it online and get it delivered to you.

Lasting power: At least a week



Temporary hair color with Kool-Aid

Homemade temporary hair dye

This fruity drink powder in variety of colors and flavors is not only good to give you a refreshing fruity drink, it can also be used as your own homemade temporary hair dye.

Start by choosing the ‘flavor’ of your choice. Pour the powder into a cup then add in some water and stir it until the powder dissolves in the water. After this, squirt in some conditioner and continue stirring until you get a sticky mixture. Your temporary hair dye is now done. Apply the color dye using a brush on your hair. Wait for 30-40 minutes for the hair to absorb the colors then wash with water and blow dry your hair.

Lasting power: 2 – 3 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair



Temporary hair color spray

Temporary hair color spray

Temporary hair colour spray is an easy alternative for you to temporarily color your hair. It works just like a hair spray – the only difference is that it adds vivid colors or highlights to your hair. Black color hair sprays also works well to cover your white roots temporary when you are going out for an important event.

However it is advisable that you get someone’s help to spray your hair for you and do it outdoor so that it does not stain your floor or furniture in the house.

Lasting power: It normally fades away after one hair wash



Colored hair wax

Colored hair wax

Guys might like this one. What do you think of a hair wax that not only help designs your hair but also adds color and highlights to your hair?

Cool! Colored hair wax gives you naturally styled colored hair, just go easy on the wax or you will end up having sticky hair. It is easy to apply and does not damage your hair. Just dab your finger into the colored wax and spread it on your palms, then rub it on your damp hair according to the style you want it to be. Blow dry and brush to style your hair after you have apply the wax.

Lasting power: Goes off after a hair wash



Colored hair extensions clip

Colored hair extensions clip

This is probably the easiest and a fuss free method. Just get clip on colored hair extensions for your hair to get the bright and funky looking hair without having to deal with all the mess from color dyes.

Lasting power: gone from the moment you remove the extensions, of course 🙂



It is always exciting to try something new to your hair as it changes how you look instantly. Temporary hair color is a great option for being easy to wash off and the fun during the whole coloring process is an added bonus!



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  1. I love how many different options you list here! The first thing that came to mind when I saw this page was colored hair wax, as there has been a bit of hype about it lately among my friends. I definitely would never have thought of using colored crepe paper to achieve temporary hair color, that’s interesting to know.

    • Hi Avareth, we love discovering new things and these hacks were definitely fun ways to color your hair temporarily. Also, you can always wash it off if you’re not fond of how the colors looked on you 😉

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